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   Chapter 473 The Last Struggle

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When Darren heard Carey speaking, he didn't care that the rule cultivators had crossed into the array. He immediately turned his head to look at Carey and asked, "Did you succeed, young master?"

"I still need about an hour. You have to protect me until then!" Beads of sweat were running down Carey's face. Clearly, he was at the most crucial moment of the inheritance.

"Okay. Don't worry, young master. I will try my best to keep you safe." Darren let out a small sigh of relief after hearing the young master's words.

Carey didn't reply. He fell silent as he concentrated on his inheritance breakthrough. But before that, he employed another small defensive array to safeguard himself. This was another treasure that Carey had brought to protect his life.

Seeing that the fifteen rule cultivators were about to enter, Darren didn't have the time to think. He rushed out without a second thought, and at the same time, he put a considerable amount of his Spirit Power into the crystal ball to activate the power of the portion of the master's soul.

Earlier, only Carey could activate the crystal ball as he was the master's biological son. But when Carey gave the crystal ball to Darren, he removed this restriction so that Darren's Spirit Power could also activate the crystal ball.

"Huh? The impostor is approaching us! Come on. Let's kill him!"

Seeing that Darren was out, the fifteen powerful rule cultivators used their rule power to launch attacks at him with all their might.

All kinds of powerful weapons, blades, hurricanes, Shackle Runes, and even thunder were aimed at Darren, in unison.

Darren was now facing over ten different kinds of attacks!

To the rule cultivators' surprise, Darren didn't dodge. They didn't know that he had already released the power of the small part of the master's soul.


With a loud sound, a horrifying strong aura appeared.

The rule cultivators gasped in fright when they sensed the frightening aura. It was so intense that they almost stopped breathing.

"It... It's our master!"

"No! It's the master's soul power!"

The rule cultivators were so stunned by the figure that had been condensed by the power that they almost fell to the ground in fear.

"Don't panic! The impostor must have gotten the young master's treasure. Come on, continue the attacks!" The most powerful elder was the first to realize what was happening. He immediately ordered everyone else to continue bombarding Darren. Hearing his order, the other cultivators snapped out of their trance.

"Whoever attacks my son will die!"

the master's figure spat out these words in a stone-cold voice. Under the control of Darren's Spirit Power, several soul attacks were launched at the rule cultivators.


Ten powerful rule cultivators cried out in pain. After a short while, they exploded. To be more precise, their souls couldn't take the intensity of

oul when attacking Darren. His attack had been overwhelmingly strong. Now that the two elders planned to burn their souls to attack Darren, he knew that he would not survive.

"You will die today!"

The two elders used their last rule power to initiate the process of burning their souls.

It happened very quickly. To escape, Darren tried to use the Hurricane Teleportation Skill.

But he had consumed too much of his Spirit Power when controlling the soul shadow in the previous attacks. So, he could only use the Hurricane Teleportation Skill a few more times. It would be difficult for him to escape this time.

"You will have to die, you betrayers!"

Right at this time, a voice laced with venom and hatred echoed in this place. A figure appeared above them in the blink of an eye.

The two elders and Darren found themselves restricted by the Shackle Rune. They couldn't move at all.

"Young... Young master!"

Seeing the familiar figure, the two elders stopped their attacks. Excitement reflected on their faces.

Meanwhile, Darren's heart skipped a beat. The young master of the Red Inferno Sect had woken up only after about fifteen minutes. Not only that, he was much stronger than before!

Darren summoned the bottle with the rule power blockade in his hand. He would use the rule power blockade for the last time to escape if things didn't work out.

"Young master! It's such a relief to see that you are safe and sound!" the strongest elder said excitedly.

"Don't listen to them, young master! Don't be fooled by the vicious old bastard! He only wants to kill you!

They had planned to feign innocence and loyalty to you if you survived all their attacks. Earning your trust would help them lure you into their last trap. If I guessed correctly, they would claim that I am the traitor to fool you," Darren sputtered as anxiety coursed through him.

"You fucking liar!" shouted the two elders simultaneously.

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