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   Chapter 472 Killing Spree

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Outside of the Defense Array

The elders kept their heads down in fear and the other strong cultivators knelt on the ground with heavy hearts.

"Have you done nothing for more than a month, you idiots? You still haven't found a way to save Carey?

If he's still alive, you useless bastards will be imprisoned for one year. If he's dead, you will all face your deaths as well! Humph!"

A middle-aged man in a grey robe glared at everyone.

"Vice master, we have no other choice. In order to protect Young Master Carey from being disturbed, we set up the strongest Protection Domain. However, the man who sneaked in here was able to enter by using a rule power blockade. We can't open it," an elder explained as he kept his head down.

"Bastard! Don't you know how to ask for help? Why didn't you tell me right away? If you make any petty excuses again, I will kill you!"

The middle-aged man, Arnold Chi, was the vice master of the Red Inferno Sect and was Carey Chi's uncle. His status was second to that of the master of the Red Inferno Sect.

All of the elders present dared not utter another word. There was a powerful array in the passage which made it so that if the young master didn't come out, the other remaining elders and powerful disciples couldn't enter. They thought it was pointless to tell this information to the vice master as it would have made them look exceedingly incompetent.

In addition, once they informed others of the unfavorable situation, everyone in the Red Inferno Sect would know that they had made an enormous blunder. They wouldn't be able to escape if the young master was killed.

Needless to say, most of them thought it was preferable to escape rather than be punished if the young master had been killed. None of them were unwavering and definitely foolish enough to inform the sect and basically turn themselves in.

However, Arnold Chi had a strong rule cultivation base and thus could break through the Defense Array.

He had some obligations to attend to outside the sect and had suddenly gone back two days ago. When he received news that Carey was going to break through, he immediately rushed back and went out of his way to see it for himself. He most certainly did not expect to find this situation upon his arrival.

Arnold's cultivation base was nearly equal to that of the strongest elder, but he had mastered a basic true rule which he inherited. So at present, his power had surpassed that elder.

What was the basic true rule?

If the completed true rule was compared to a big tree, the basic true rule was like the branches of this tree. It could also be said it had all the same basic framework needed for the whole completed true rule.

Once someo

eyes flashed in excitement as he hid behind the Killing Array. He could not help but marvel at how powerful it was.

Many of rule cultivators that were killed could defeat a first stage three-star martial artist grand warrior.

The fifteen rule cultivators, including the five elders, inched backwards in shock. A moment later, they seemed to be forming a strange but powerful array.

"If we want to break his array we need to attack its center and crush the crystal core of the rule power," the strongest elder stated.

Numerous runes came flying towards the center of the Killing Array, making it tremble.

"He's a worthy and powerful rule cultivator. The Killing Array's greatest weakness is in the very center of the array. If they break it, they can without a doubt enter," Darren murmured to himself, eyebrows furrowing as he scowled.

The Killing Array was immensely powerful, but its weakness could easily be discovered. If the Killing Array was combined with the Illusion Array and the Restriction Array, it had the potential to be the strongest array.

The ground suddenly shook.

The rest of the rule cultivators were finally able to break down the Killing Array.

"I guess it's time to use the crystal ball. I wonder how strong the soul of the master of the Red Inferno Sect is? Can it kill the rest of the rule cultivators?" Darren then made preparations to execute his last defense.

"Kaleb, do you hear the voice of rule cultivators? I think I hear them!"

At that moment, Darren heard Carey's voice.

"Damn it! The young master of the Red Inferno Sect has woken up! What should I do if he starts to attack the rule cultivators himself?" Darren's heart was starting to be filled with apprehension. If Carey somehow managed to contact the rule cultivators, his lie would be exposed.

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