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   Chapter 471 About To Break In (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-05 00:12

Darren could also kill the young master and grasp the basic true rule to kill the rule cultivators outside. Yet he chose not to, yet. It was very dangerous. From memory, Darren knew the inherited-type true rule was restricted to bloodline. If a person from a different bloodline wanted to obtain an inherit-type true rule, his chance of success was one in a million. Besides, if he did not succeed, he would definitely die. Darren had to carefully weigh his options.

And Darren didn't dare to try either one.

As such, it was essential to allow the young master of the Red Inferno Sect to increase his Spirit Power, according to the plan Darren had in mind.

One day later, the green liquid in the pool had dried out and the young master woke up. Darren did not know what to expect, he was on guard though.

"What? What is? Where?"

Frowning, the young master was very unsatisfied and grumpy once he woke up. His face was crumpled up like a tree bark.

"Young master, has your Spirit Power broken through to a new level? Is it true? Congratulations! This is great news!" Darren pretended to be very happy and elated.

"Yes indeed it has, quite right." The young master nodded, asking, "But why has my Spirit Power only reached the beginning of level 26? It should have gone much further by my estimation! I planned to increase my Spirit Powder to the upper level of level 26. This is very odd and strange!"

"It must be due to those bastards outside! Damn them!" Darren said, coldly.

Hearing this, the young master gritted his teeth, agreeing with Darren, and said angrily, "Humph, give me one more day and I will kill them all! Every last one of them!"

"I will absolutely try my bes

n through, he could use the tricks the young master had taught him to kill some of the rule cultivators. But he could not kill the more powerful rule cultivators. If they got the chance to talk with the young master, then the young master would know the truth! Darren must never let this happen!

Darren tried his best to use his Spirit Power, but the attacks were really powerful, harshly agonizing his spirit. Nonetheless he did his best to continue.

'I cannot resist the attacks anymore. I'm trying but I cannot, I simply cannot anymore!' Darren finally gave up. If he had forced himself to resist anymore, his soul would have been absolutely injured probably beyond repair.

'So those five elders used the soul attack method again after they had recovered? I don't believe it! It simply is not possible. I don't think they can recover only within one month. Plus, their soul attack before was not as strong as now. So it must must be, no it can't be...' Darren thought of one worrying possibility, but he wanted to put it out of his mind.

That had to be it! There must be a more powerful rule cultivator coming!

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