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   Chapter 470 About To Break In (Part One)

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Burning even a slight hint of a person's soul would cause substantial damage to the person himself. But this was how it was. It was a unique skill.

The five elders had no other choice. Back then, in order to make the young master feel safe, they set the Protection Domain very strong, to the astonishment of all. However, a strong young man had broken into it. They could not open the domain even after they had attacked it for quite a long time. Now this was the only method they could figure out how. One by one they tried.

Under the guidance of the most powerful elder, all the five elders sat down with their legs crossed and activated their arcane skills. They were preparing themselves.

After a few seconds, all of them had a painful look on their faces and their bodies started to shiver and shake as if they had seizures.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Then, just several seconds later, a soul arrow was shot at the Protection Domain. It was so fast you could hardly see it.

A large variety of complicated runes on the Protection Domain started to sparkle. Black lightning emerged indistinctly, shimmering and glittering everywhere.


Another soul arrow was shot by the five elders. It precisely hit its target as the elders focused deeply on their goal.

The Protection Domain could not withstand the powerful attack. It was broken into pieces and disappeared completely without a trace as if it never even existed before.

"Let's go! Come on! Hurry up!"

After burning part of their souls, the five elders could not stand up since they were weak and in great pain. Burning part of one's soul drained one's body of great soul energy and the body naturally couldn't function as normally as before. The other powerful rule cultivators rushed over very swiftly for they had a purpose in mind.


rit Power..." After checking his Spirit Powder, Darren was overjoyed. He could not believe it. He had to check again to be certain.

His Spirit Power reached the peak of level 25, really close to the top level. This was not an easy stage to reach and many masters trained for years to reach that level.

After reaching level 20, it was quite difficult to increase the Spirit Power by one level. In order to break through to level 26, the young master of the Red Inferno Sect—whose Spirit Power had been at stage 24 in the beginning—needed a pool full of Spirit Power. This was very difficult to come by.

Actually, increasing the Spirit Power from level 25 to 26 required over ten times more Spirit Power than increasing it from level 24 to 25.

Therefore, Darren only assimilated less than thirty percent of the Spirit Power from the pool to increase his Spirit Power to level 25. He had gotten to the level he desired for now.

Darren didn't assimilate all the Spirit Power in the pool, because he needed the young master of the Red Inferno Sect to kill those powerful rule cultivators outside after his Spirit Power reached level 26, otherwise he could not run away. There was a reason for everything.

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