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   Chapter 469 Means To Save His Life (Part Two)

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Substantially, as a rule cultivator, he couldn't absorb the external Spirit Power and make it all for himself. The only way he could increase his Spirit Power was by cultivating and comprehending, so that he could awaken more Spirit Power.

Yet, at any rate, there were precious Soul-fixing Stones in the Soul-refining Pool. Coupled with the treasures and the souls inside, the young master could use a secret skill to absorb the Spirit Power. This secret skill was discovered by the master of the Red Inferno Sect from the relics of the Soul Hunter Sect.

In the meantime, left alone, Darren arranged in an array the four things that the young master gave him.

The first thing was a very potent rule power shield containing the Protection Rule. It was no weaker than the Protection Domain of the elders.

With a flicker of his Spirit Power, Darren made the shield cover the entire pool. In that way, even if the rule cultivators managed to wreck open the Protection Domain, it would be challenging for them to break the rule power shield.

The second thing was the jade bottle that the young master used before. Inside the jade bottle was a golden-armored martial artist. Once again, Darren let out his Spirit Power, added with the arcane skill that the young master taught him, he could use his Spirit Power to control the golden-armored martial artist to fight for him.

The third thing was a Killing Array. Darren could tell that the Killing Array was much more dominant than the golden-armored martial artist. Not only that, the Killing Array could attack not only one rule cultivator, but many rule cultivators at the same time. Once this array was activated, more than half of the rule cultivators outside would eventually die.

The last thing was also the most powerful, and it was saved, especially to attack the elders. It was a crystal ball. Inside the ball, there was a small part of the master of the Red Inferno Sect's

"Elder Frederic has a point. That guy probably can only disturb the young master's breaking through. He doesn't have the power to kill the young master at all."

"You are awfully wrong! The young master is frail when he is breaking through. Even if he has some treasures to use, he won't have enough Spirit Power to maintain them. The situation might be the other way around. That impostor is a threat to the young master's life! Let's just face it that you aren't willing to burn your souls to open the Protection Domain! If you don't open the domain, I will go and report everything to our master even if I risk my life!"

The people outside were in a heated discussion. They were all afraid that the young master inside would die. Yet, they didn't know what to do, and they couldn't reach an agreement.

"Enough!" the most powerful elder among the group yelled, making everyone silent. He then ordered, "You four, burn a small part of our souls with me to open the Protection Domain. The rest of you wait till the Protection Domain is at its weakest to break it fully. We can't make any mistakes! Do you hear me?"

After arguing for a very long time, the elders couldn't refuse the order anymore. They had no choice but to burn a part of their soul to open the Protection Domain.

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