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   Chapter 468 Means To Save His Life (Part One)

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The Protection Domain was continually shaking, signifying that the barrier was breached and was about to knuckle under. The young master of the Red Inferno Sect was green and sweaty in the face sensing the threat of what was happening. He could feel from the trembling and clashing sound that those people outside wanted so badly to get in.

"Young master, in case they get in here, I will burst my soul to stall them so you can run away and escape!" Darren proposed an escape plan, looking at the worried young master. Yet, deep inside him, he knew that he was not true to his words. He just said those words to show his "loyalty" and to gauge if the young master trusted him or not.

"Those ungrateful bastards! I knew those old bastards wanted to have my treasures!" the young master of the Red Inferno Sect cursed. It seemed that he had utterly believed in what Darren had said.

Hearing his words, Darren couldn't help but feel elated, but he just couldn't let this emotion show on his face. He was more confident of his plan now that the young master entirely relied his trust on him.

"Young master, they are really vicious for doing this. How dare they trespass and interrupt you on your cultivation. If they hadn't been informed that the master are in closed-door cultivation, they wouldn't have dared to do such things to you! They planned to launch the attack before the master can come out of his cultivation. Not only that, but they also planned to kill you and blame your death on Elder Judah. Elder Judah was so angry and tried to stop them from succeeding in their plans. Unfortunately, he was already killed by them," with a forlorn look on his face, Darren added. The longer he stayed with the young master, the more fabricated his stories got. By this time, telling lies came naturally to him, as if he was born with that talent.

"What? Is that true? Elder Judah is dead?" the young master asked in surprise.

"Yes, he's dead, young master. They torture

nsing the worry on the panic-stricken face of the young master, Darren couldn't help but laugh coldly in his heart. The young master was paranoid at this moment. He was testing Darren's loyalty even at this urgent time!

"No! I will never do that! I'd rather die protecting you than inheriting the true rule myself, young master!" with his shoulders perplexed in a confident stance, Darren refused in a firm tone. A stern look was cast on his face.

"Good! You are truly loyal to me!" The young master of the Red Inferno Sect smiled and patted Darren on the shoulder. He was now convinced that he had Darren under his command, and the young man was willing to lay his life for him.

As a show of appreciating his loyalty, the young master gave four things to Darren for him to use. After this, he made himself ready to get in the pool to break through.

"Kaleb, you are wounded, absorb the Spirit Power that would flow out of the pool with all your might. It will make you feel better and would help you regain your strength in the fastest time possible."

"I will. Thank you, young master."

This time, the young master of the Red Inferno Sect nodded his head and focused all his attention on the pool. Moments later, he jumped in the pool and started absorbing the Spirit Power as much as he could contain.

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