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   Chapter 467 They Were About To Rebel

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"What is a manipulated soldier?"

Some high-ranked rule cultivators present did not know about the manipulated soldiers. And so, they asked the other elders this question.

"A manipulated soldier is made by cultivators who practice puppet-making. In short, a manipulated soldier is a killing machine without any emotions or sense of pain," one elder explained.

"That guy is powerful. Do you think that the manipulated soldiers can defeat him?" someone asked.

"Humph! He is an unknown low-level rule cultivator and a martial artist with power similar to a one-star grand warrior. How can he defeat the manipulated soldiers?

A manipulated soldier doesn't have a soul. Even if he has the rule power blockade, he cannot weaken the attack of the manipulated soldiers. Besides, the manipulated soldiers are really powerful. Each of the manipulated soldiers I have put in the pool is as powerful as the top level of a two-star grand warrior. Escaping to the Protection Domain is a terrible idea. He is as good as dead," said Elder Quentin, the most powerful elder. He was brimming with confidence.

After he finished his explanation, he silently started to heal the injuries to his soul.

After Darren broke into the Protection Domain, he walked to the side of the deep green pool. Gusts of Spirit Power started to rise as he neared.

Darren began to feel terrible as several poisons were coursing through him. He stood beside the pool long enough to check the middle for signs of the young master.

"What? The young master is not in the pool?"

After detecting the pool, Darren did not feel safe. Suddenly, some chilling auras surrounded him.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Four bodies that seemed to be made of metal appeared beside Darren.

"What are these? Their killing intent is so strong!"

Darren was shocked. He looked at the four bodies carefully as he probed them. He sensed no life auras coming from them. But, they emitted another aura that was cold and powerful.

"The one who breaches the Protection Domain must die!" An emotionless voice broke the silence as it announced Darren's death sentence.

The four bodies summoned their weapons and attacked Darren in unison.

Darren was about to avoid their attack by using the Hurricane Teleportation Skill, but a shield with rule power suddenly appeared and blocked him.

"How did you come in here?" a voice questioned.

Darren raised his eyes to find that the young master was staring at him coldly.

"Young master!" Without any hesitation, Darren fell to his knees.

Darren could sense that the young master of the Red Inferno Sect hadn't weakened since entering the Protection Domain. That meant that he hadn't started to break through yet.

What had he been waiting for? Darren guessed the answer.

Now, Darren still had the same aura and appearance as Kaleb. With his power, it was impossible for him to defeat the four cold soldiers. Not to mention, the young master of the Red Inferno Sect was still as strong as before.



At that moment, the Protection Domain seemed to quiver a little bit. Obviously, someone was attacking it from outside.

Sensing the attack, the Red Inferno Sect's young master began to believe Darren's story. His face reddened as anger coursed through him.

Outside the Protection Domain, the most powerful elder's body began to ooze blood when the manipulated soldiers were smashed to pieces. Although the four manipulated soldiers were gifts from one of his friends, he had connected them with his Spirit Power. So, he was severely hurt when the manipulated soldiers were destroyed.

"This is not good. That guy killed the manipulated soldiers! Our young master is in danger!" the most powerful elder said, regardless of his pain.

They had not even considered the possibility that their young master had crushed the manipulated soldiers, not Darren!

The destruction of the four manipulated soldiers disturbed all the rule cultivators. A sense of foreboding filled them as they thought of the consequences! Now that the manipulated soldiers sent to protect the young master had been annihilated, their young master was in great danger. If he died, they would probably be severely punished by the sect leader.

The only thing they could do was to rush in by force and save their young master.

The five elders knew that they would die if they burned their souls to open the Protection Domain. Of course, they were unwilling to do that before they tried other ways to open the Protection Domain.

Plus, they also suspected that the imposter might have other powerful trump cards since he had defeated the four manipulated soldiers. If the five elders burned their souls and died after that, weaker cultivators could not possibly save the young master.

The best way for them to open the Protection Domain was to use the combined power of all the cultivators!

But they never thought that their behavior would reinforce Darren's lies, and compel the young master to think it was the truth!

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