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   Chapter 466 Use The Rule Power Blockade

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Darren couldn't handle all the powerful rule cultivators simultaneously. With the restrictions in place, he felt like he was stuck in the mire and couldn't move a little bit.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Without any hesitation, Darren released all of his tricks at the cultivators.

But the rule cultivators were so strong that it only took one or two of them to defuse Darren's attacks.

Crack! Crack!

Tens of runes combined and transformed into a long whip. In a flash, the whip lashed Darren on his back, leaving several bone-deep wounds on him.

And what was worse, the whip was made from a special composition. When it connected with Darren's back, the whip left that composition in the wounds. Darren was in tremendous agony now!

As the rule cultivators intended to capture Darren alive, they didn't deal a fatal blow to him when they noticed how weak he was. Otherwise, they would have killed Darren by now.

"Ha-ha. He is weak, just like a mouse. When we are tired of playing with him, we will start to interrogate him. After learning what we want to know, we will kill him."

"He is a rule cultivator and a martial artist. However, his cultivation base is so weak."

The rule cultivators continued to torture Darren the way that cats played with mice.

Darren was shocked and also angry. He had secret skills that could have killed at least one powerful cultivator. However, instead of trying to kill them, Darren was thinking about how to escape.

While struggling to dodge their attacks, Darren took out the white jade bottle from his Space Ring. He had acquired this bottle from Bradley.

'The bottle contains the rule power blockade and can be used three times. Every time the bottle is activated, it suppresses one person's rule power. With this bottle, I could kill three of them!'

Darren thought. When he first got the white jade bottle, he studied it carefully and found that the principle inside the bottle could block any rule skills that were below the level of true rules.

But the rule pieces inside the bottle could only be used once on a person. What was more, it could be used on human beings, and on things that were derived from rule powers and rules.

"Step back. This spy belongs to me!"

Judah roared and gestured to the others to stop attacking Darren. Then he stepped in front of Darren.

"You will pay for trying to fool me. You'll know the true pain of being hit by my dark venomous sting."

"Judah is cruel and excellent.

re determined to kill him, Darren shelved his hesitation and used the rule power blockade to break the Protection Domain.

Suddenly, a black hole appeared above the Protection Domain. In a flash, Darren employed his Hurricane Teleportation Skill to rush into the gap.

"What? He can teleport? He broke the Protection Domain?"

"Let's kill him now!"

One strong elder produced a snake-shaped rune and shot it at an astonishing speed to the hole above the Domain.

However, Darren disappeared before the rune could reach him. After a few more seconds passed, the Protection Domain closed again.

"Damn! He rushed into the Protection Domain. Will he be a danger to the young master?"

The Red Inferno Sect's rule cultivators started to panic.

"How? How could he break into the Protection Domain? That's impossible!"

Four elders checked the Protection Domain.

"He used the rule power blockade. We didn't anticipate that."

As the four elders were experienced, they could ascertain what Darren had done.

Now, everyone was concerned about the young master.

"Don't worry. The guy won't survive in the domain," Elder Quentin, who had just recovered from the rebound of the soul attack, explained confidently.

"Elder Quentin, since the young master is in the Soul-refining Pool, he can't use any rule power. He might be severely injured if he tries! So why shouldn't we be worried?"

"Ha-ha. Have you heard of the manipulated soldiers?"

"Oh, I see. Elder Quentin, you placed manipulated soldiers in it? Ha-ha. Then there is no chance for him to survive in the Soul-refining Pool."

The other four elders were now relieved.

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