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   Chapter 465 Expose Darren's Identity

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"Be quiet!"

the elder with the strongest aura yelled. He had been sitting cross-legged alongside the others.

"Elder Quentin, I doubt the man's identity. I asked Mortimer to check him, but the man is resisting!" Judah explained as he stepped forward.

Elder Quentin was startled by the allegations. He glanced at Darren before releasing his strong Spirit Power to examine Darren's soul.

Checking a person's soul was different from attacking his soul. Thus, the strange stone in Darren's head wouldn't strike back.

After only one scan, sweat trickled down Darren's forehead. The force was so intense that he almost fell to his knees.

"I didn't find anything abnormal. Don't cause trouble while the young master is cultivating," Elder Quentin concluded after checking Darren's soul. He had complete faith in his Spirit Power.

"But the man killed Bradley. When I probed Bradley's body, I sensed an aura of sword intent. I believe that he is a spy!"

Although most of the disciples of the Red Inferno Sect were rule cultivators, they also had powerful martial artists to guard the sect. There were a few swordsmen among them. However, since Kaleb had entered rule cultivation in his childhood, he showed no talents as a martial artist. He couldn't release sword intent. Considering this, the situation was worth investigating.

Besides, Judah had always been suspicious of Darren. With that, he became more insistent that Darren should be checked.

"What do you mean?" the powerful elder named Quentin asked. Judah's explanation had confused him. He was also annoyed as he didn't care much about this internal bickering. What really mattered to him now was the young master's breakthrough. If the young master succeeded, then Elder Quentin would earn appreciation and rewards.

"This..." Judah was stunned speechless. Then he communicated with Mortimer using his spiritual sense. "Mortimer, check him. It would help if we could show that Kaleb is a spy."

"But if we cannot prove your suspicions, then Elder Quentin will believe that we are deliberately making trouble!" Mortimer hesitated.

"You don't care that we have a spy amongst us? Why don't you believe me? You are driving me mad!" Judah's voice was laced with fury.

"Well. Alas!" Mortimer agreed. As they were good friends, Mortimer couldn't defy Judah, or he would risk offending his friend.

With no other alternatives, Mortimer summoned his Spirit Power in his eyes as he activated the Supreme Vision Rule. Then, he g

nded with confidence.

Elder Quentin nodded and prepared to torture Darren's soul.


A light green soul arrow darted into Darren's mind. It was so forceful that even Darren's dark ring couldn't resist it.



Two painful screams emerged at the same time. The crowd was taken aback.

While the first came from Darren, the other scream was from Elder Quentin.

What was strange was that Darren could quickly return to normal after the attack. However, the strongest elder fell and rolled on the ground with his hands laced behind his head. He was overwhelmed with pain.

As the soul attack was too powerful, the strange stone in Darren's head couldn't resist it entirely. As a result, his soul was torn, which caused Darren great pain. Equally, the soul arrow that wasn't consumed by Darren rebounded to the elder. Therefore, he was also in agony.

Thus, Darren realized the limit of the resistance of the strange stone in his mind. He now knew that if the soul attack were stronger than the elder's, his soul would be severely injured.

"Kill him!" Elder Quentin ordered as he clenched his teeth in bitter hatred.

Meanwhile, the rest of the elders used their arcane skills to cure him.

After hearing the command, the powerful rule cultivators ran toward Darren.

Over a hundred rule cultivators had been summoned to guard the young master. From among them, some were powerful enough to kill three-star grand warriors. Moreover, the elders' rule power could slaughter three-star grand warriors at the top level.


Blade and sword intent exploded around Darren. He wouldn't await his death without putting up a fight!

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