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   Chapter 464 In Danger

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Darren transformed into Kaleb before the Spirit Power could reach Darren and check him.

As the Spirit Power coming after him was extremely powerful, Darren didn't plan to run. Besides, it was Bradley who had lured him here to kill him. Why should he be the one to run? Darren had every reason to kill Bradley, and he was not afraid to let them know.

After a short moment, an elder's figure appeared in front of Darren. It was Elder Judah!

The elder's sharp eyes seemed to be piercing through Darren as he glared at him.

"You killed Bradley!" The older man glanced at Bradley's dead body on the ground before exclaiming in a cold tone. He wasn't even asking because he was sure that it was Darren who had killed the black-robed young man.

"Yes, I killed him." Darren nodded as he confirmed the accusation. After all, there was no need for him to lie.

"How dare you? Don't you realize that you killed the young master's Left Guard? You will be punished!" the older man scolded.

"Ha. I will be punished? Maybe. But, as a powerful rule cultivator, I'm sure that you can sense that Bradley placed the restrictions here. Am I right? Don't you realize that it was Bradley who wanted to kill me in the first place? Of course, I had to fight back! Do you take me for a fool? Why would I allow someone to take my life?" After saying these words, Darren didn't wait for the elder's response. He just turned and walked away, disappearing in the dark. He was sure that the older man would believe him and wouldn't do anything to him without the young master's order.

Something flashed through the older man's eyes as he squinted at Darren's retreating figure. However, Elder Judah made no move to go after him.

In fact, what Darren had said was true. He could feel that this place was filled with Bradley's restriction. And he could easily guess why Bradley had done this. He wanted to kill Kaleb. So, Kaleb really had a good reason for killing Bradley. And even if the older man had stopped Darren from leaving, he couldn't do anything to him because he was the young master's right-hand man.

But, he also had a feeling that Kaleb was getting bolder.

The older man's gaze followed Darren long after he was gone. After a while, he turned to leave. But before he left, he checked Bradley's body to make sure.

"What? Why do I feel a faint aura of sword intent?" Elder Judah's eyebrows knitted into a deep frown. Something was wrong about Bradley's death, and Kaleb was the only suspect.

Darren walked straight back to the black-robed man's place and ignored everything else. He was confident that Elder Judah wouldn't try to punish him. The only thing he could do was tell the young master what Darren had done.

Darren was not afraid of that. To be honest, what could the young master do about it now? Would he really kill Kaleb to avenge a dead man? Of course, not! He had already lost a loyal guard, and he wouldn't want to lose another one. The young master was not naive. He knew that he could still us

to execute his plan flashed through his mind.

After a short while, Elder Judah walked toward him accompanied by another middle-aged rule cultivator. It was evident that their target was Darren.

"Mortimer, use your Piercing Eye to check him," Elder Judah said while pointing to Darren.

"Umm... He's the young master's right-hand man. Is it acceptable for us to investigate him, Judah?"

"Don't worry. We are doing this for the young master's safety. Just check him," Judah said firmly. He knew that the young master wouldn't blame him for suspecting Kaleb's identity and having someone to check him, even if the result refuted Judah's suspicions.

"All right. I haven't used my Piercing Eye in a long time anyway."

As the two rule cultivators were communicating through their arcane skills, Darren couldn't hear them.

But he could feel a pair of eyes with strong piercing power staring at him.

'Damn it! That middle-aged man must have mastered some sort of searching rule formula of the Supreme Vision Rule. He will surely discover my true identity!' Darren cursed in his heart. He had intentionally memorized the rule formulas of the Supreme Vision Rule in case such a situation happened. This was why he was able to recognize that the middle-aged man must have a way to confirm his true identity.

If Darren were exposed at this time, with so many powerful rule cultivators and over a hundred powerful arrays protecting the young master, he would not stand a chance against them, even if he called the Water Kylin for help.

Besides, with so many evil rule cultivators here, the connection he had with the Ancient Void Battlefield might be cut off. Darren's shoulders sagged when he realized that there was a possibility that he probably couldn't open the Ancient Void Battlefield, either.

In that way, death was certain if his true identity was discovered.

Just as the middle-aged man was about to use his skill to probe him, Darren stood and shouted angrily, "What are you doing?"

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