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   Chapter 463 The Bonanza (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-02 01:14

Clang! Clang!

Darren's attack landed directly on Bradley's Earth Shield, and he only managed to push him back a little bit instead of causing any harm to him, which was just as Bradley anticipated. It was already working according to Bradley's plan.

"Ha-ha, I infused a strand of defensive rule formula of the inferior true rule into my shield. If you were a three-star grand warrior, it would not have been enough to stop you. Too bad that you are only a one-star martial artist trash! Now it is my turn! And you will be defeated like you have never been before in your life!" Bradley rambled coldly to himself, but with a hot boiling fury inside him.

Slash! Slash!

A sound of a sword piercing through a body stopped Bradley's rambling dead in its track. He was struck dumb where he stood, and he slowly turned to look at Darren with horror in his eyes. Slowly he lost control over his body and started shaking.

"" He could no longer speak as he began to choke on the blood that was gushing out of his month. It was a gruesome sight.

Right in front of him stood another martial artist, with the exact same look and strength as the one behind him, and he was the one who pierced his chest with the sword intent. It was another Darren and a puzzling moment.

"Surprised to see me here, I bet? Don't drop your jaws yet. There's plenty of time for that later on. Just keep watching!" Darren said indifferently. And copies of Darren began to appear one after another. Within minutes, there were nine Darrens standing in this place, of the same look and the same strength. No one could tell them apart, and Darren was very proud of this skill.

"Phuuuu huuuuu!" A projectile of blood came out of Bradley's mouth, and he fell to his death with surprise and hatred in his eyes. He convulsed a bit before finally breathing his last breath, dying eyes wide open, as if he didn't want to miss a thing.

After Darren had killed Bradley, he immediately assimilated his Spirit Power, improving his Spirit Power to a higher level, which had some unexpected achievements. There were powers Bradley had that Da

Darren picked up the bottle for a closer look, and he saw that there were a couple of characters of the rule cultivation runes carved on it, which made it all the more mysterious.

Because Darren had vast knowledge of rule cultivation, he immediately recognized these characters to be "rule power blockade." He stopped for a moment.

Then he recollected his composure and when Darren saw these characters, he immediately found the relevant information from his rich knowledge about this rule power blockade. He was immediately impressed.

"Damn! This is a good stuff! How did Bradley get his hands on this?" Darren was once again overjoyed by this item, 'This may be the thing that gave Bradley the confidence to defeat me. Who would have thought that I could have something like this! Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would possess this. Had Bradley actually used it in our fight, I would have been totally screwed. Phew!'

After Darren packed up everything, and just when he was about to leave, a powerful Spirit Power penetrated the array that had been set up by Bradley for years, coming straight for Darren. Its strength was palpable.

"What is it? What could it be? Have I just been spotted? But by whom? Who could be here now?" Darren immediately assumed the appearance of Kaleb. He was able to change into anyone whom he had copied earlier at any time that he needed. Then, he waited.

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