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   Chapter 462 The Bonanza (Part One)

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"This is so unlike you, all calm and confident. Do you even realize that you are about to die now? Has it even sunk in yet?" Bradley figured that he could definitely kill Kaleb today so he decided to take his time with his prey without any intention of rushing anything as he did not want to spoil the fun. After all, in addition to his incomparable power, this place had been rigged with a rule array that he had prepared for many years, so there simply was no way for Kaleb to escape. Absolutely no way. Bradley made damn sure of that.

"Well, at least you got one thing right. I am indeed unlike Kaleb. Just see for yourself if you don't believe me!" Darren knew that Bradley must have placed a lot of traps and array that most certainly sealed this place airtight in order to kill Kaleb, so no one else could possibly know even if he revealed his true identity. Bradley had it all planned out, and Darren was stuck.

"What the hell? What is going on here? Who are you? Where is...? How did you get in here?" Bradley instantly grew solemn when he saw Darren, instead of Kaleb, standing in front of him. This man clearly was not Kaleb. Bradley was taken aback by this sudden turn of events as many thoughts rushed through his head. He needed to get a grip on the situation and resume control.

"Since I am not the real Kaleb, how about we sit down and have a benign conversation? I promise I'm not a danger to you," Darren inquired as an attempt to find a clue regarding the whereabouts of his sister. He figured that Bradley might know something about it. He needed to speak to him to find out.

"No, where is Kaleb? What did you do to him? Have you killed him? Where is he?"

Bradley was antagonized and rattled, which greatly surprised Darren who thought they could change the subject now that Bradley saw him and realized he wasn't Kaleb.

"I killed him. There, are you happy now? I helped you get rid of him. Don't you think that you should be grateful to me? What do you say? Kaleb is dead and I am here and we need to talk," Darren answered coldly, but he was slightly irritated at the whole situation.

"Grateful? Are you kidding me? You must be out of your mind! How dare you kil

along with a formidable dark gold internal force. It seemed Darren was about to fight after all.

"Ah! Ah! You are a martial artist! How could I miss that? A martial artist who has mastered the Teleportation Skill! Who taught you? It takes years to master that skill!" Bradley's face suddenly changed as he shouted out of surprise and awe at the martial artist he was facing and about to fight.

However, Bradley only panicked for a second before he regained his composure. He immediately unleashed the Earth Shield to defend himself against Darren's attack. He knew he could beat Darren's martial arts skills.

The fact that Darren was quite a powerful martial artist shocked Bradley, so he started taking him seriously and directed all his energy to form the Earth Shield to cover his back. He was determined to win this battle.

The way he saw it, this defense was fused with all his energy, which was more than enough to withstand Darren's attack. He was very confident that he would be safe. In fact, he knew he would be safe, because the Earth Shield was a mighty power.

It was almost amusing for Bradley to see Darren, who was only a martial artist with the pathetic strength that was equivalent to a one-star grand warrior, trying to kill him as he knew that Darren's efforts would be in vain, and it could only end up with him killing Darren instead. He looked forward to that indeed. Bradley did not see any other way. He would make sure of that.

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