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   Chapter 461 Lure Darren Out To Kill Him

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Immediately after Darren left, the expression of the young master of the Red Inferno Sect changed.

He turned to Bradley and fumed, "You want to force my hand to get rid of your elder brother, Kaleb, don't you? It is too presumptuous of you to do so.

How dare you try to take advantage of me? Do you wish for death?"

The young master's angry outburst shocked Bradley.

He fell to the ground and trembled with fear, as he explained, "No! No! I suspect that something is wrong with Kaleb. That is why I ventured to speak about it. I have absolutely no intention of taking advantage of you. I did it only for your safety and for the sake of our sect. Please trust me." Tears of terror welled in Bradley's eyes.

"Leave now! Don't play your silly tricks before me, or I will send you to the Soul-refining Pool to be the sacrificed next time," the young master muttered.

"Thank you, young master." Bradley bowed his head and thanked the young master for his forgiveness. Then he crawled away from the young master.

"Humph, this guy is getting more and more arrogant," the young master said coldly after Bradley left.

"Since he is so bold, why don't you punish him or demote him?" Elder Judah, who was standing beside the young master, asked with a mischievous smile when he heard that.

"We have always known that there is a long-standing dispute between the two brothers. Giving them equal status is a way to ensure that there is a system of checks and balances between them. They will make every effort to catch each other's mistakes if it benefits their progress. In that case, I don't need to waste resources confirming whether they're loyal to me, as they will do it for me," the young master replied.

"Ha-ha! You are really shrewd," Elder Judah laughed as he admired the young master's intelligence.

Then he continued, "But isn't letting Kaleb join the guardians too big a reward?" Elder Judah took the opportunity to voice his concerns.

"It doesn't matter. The Spirit Power emitted when I make the breakthrough is of no use to me," the young master explained casually.

"But I agree with Bradley. Kaleb does seem a little strange," the elder said while frowning.

"Oh? What do you mean? He gave a clear explanation about what happened before. Did I miss a detail?" The young master was confused.

"Yes, his explanation was clear. However, the clearer his explanation was, the more problematic he became.

He seemed to have a good head on his shoulders today. He provoked Bradley all the time, which is different from his past behavior. It is t

ious smile morphed his features.

"Do you want to kill me?" Darren asked.

"Why not? I've wanted to kill you since you stole my lover. But I held back the urge because I wanted her to be happy. However, you failed to protect her! Someone killed her! I vowed to kill you when I learned of her death!" Blue veins stood out on his temples as Bradley yelled.

"If you kill me today, aren't you afraid that the young master will blame you?" Darren sniffed.

Hearing this, Bradley asked, "If I were scared, would I bring you here? No one would know that you died here. Even if they learn of your death, I won't leave any evidence to show that I killed you. My avatar is drinking with Mr. Lan in his room right now. My alibi would speak for me." Bradley thought his scheme was flawless.

"By the way, I have to say that you have changed a lot. You would never have chased me in the past. But today, you did. So foolish," Bradley gloated.

"So everything is going according to your plan. Are you sure that you can kill me?" Darren asked.

"Don't I know what you're capable of? It's easy enough for me to kill you!" Bradley bellowed. In the next instant, runes gleamed on his body.

Earlier, when Darren fought Kaleb, he couldn't win on his own. Now that he was facing a rule cultivator whose strength was even more terrifying, how could he win?

More importantly, since Darren was in the Red Inferno Sect, if he called the Water Kylin for aid, it would attract other people's attention. The Water Kylin couldn't be of help to Darren. He was alone and had a slim chance of winning!

Surprisingly, Darren smiled confidently and took a few steps forward, "That sounds like a coincidence. I want to kill you, too."

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