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   Chapter 460 Reward As A Guard (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-01 10:57

While explaining himself, he handed the ring to the older man to let him have a closer look at the treasure.

With the ring on his hand, the older man inspected it for a while, then used his Spirit Power to test its spiritual force. After a few moments, he found that the treasure was indeed very useful in resisting a soul attack from rule cultivators.

"He wasn't lying. This thing can even resist about ninety percent of my soul attack. If he uses it without being noticed, it would be easy for him to kill someone whose Spirit Power was one level higher than him," the older man said honestly while still holding the ring in his hand with extreme caution.

"No way! Why didn't I know that you have such a powerful treasure?" hearing the words from the older man, Bradley questioned sharply. His eyes widened in shock because he couldn't believe that was what really happened.

"You are so ridiculous! Why would I tell you about it? I bet you also have some treasures that can save your life, and you never told me, huh? What? Do you want to show us what you've got?" Darren retorted back in an equally sharp tone. Bradley immediately fell silent.

"Hahaha, good. Given that explanation, now everything's clear!" At this time, the young master stood up and clapped his hands. He walked to stand beside Darren and said to him, "You really risked your life to finish the task, and you suffered much. I almost punished you by mistake. To show you my apology, I will send a reward to your place when we are finished here. I know that you all want the best for our sect, and that's why you two argued. Kaleb, please don't mind your brother."


plotting a plan in his mind. He thought that the set-up would be an excellent chance to lay hold of the young master and force his sister's whereabouts out from his mouth.

Though Darren was aware that the young master of the Red Inferno Sect was a very powerful rule cultivator, he also knew that everyone was at his weakest when he was breaking through, no matter how powerful he was. So it would be easy for Darren to take control of him during that time because he would be too enfeebled to fight back.

"You can go now," the young master bid Darren.

"Yes, young master."

Showing his respects, Darren bowed to the young master one last time before he turned around to leave. Before he left, he winked at Bradley, who had been silently fuming the whole time. The corners of Darren's mouth lifted into a dangerous smile, making Bradley's heart skip a beat in fright. He almost started shuddering under that cold smirk.

'That...That smile is so horrifying. What could that smile mean?' Bradley thought to himself, as he felt that there was something unusual on the way his brother acted.

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