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   Chapter 458 Investigate Kaleb’s Spatial Treasure (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-01-01 10:57

"Hey, brat, I insist on examining your spatial treasure today. How are you going to stop me?" he questioned Darren coldly. There was even a sense of murderous intent in his eyes!

"Elder Judah, in the presence of the young master, it's not good to press me so hard, right?" Darren replied. "Elder Judah, you have a distinguished status in our sect. If you want to investigate my spatial treasure by force, I will not stop you. However, I still have to say that I strongly disagree and protest!"

"How dare you?" the old man burst out after hearing Darren.

"Well, Elder Judah, don't get so angry at Kaleb. You know his personality quite well. You also know that he doesn't mean to offend you," the young master soothed the old man. Then, he said to Darren, "Kaleb, I order you to let Elder Judah examine your treasures now. Even if others find out about this later, they'll know that Elder Judah is following my orders. In that case, you won't feel ashamed, right?"

Darren hesitated, and then said, "Since it is our young master's command, I will not disobey. But I have a small request before the investigation is carried out."

"You still want to raise a request? You are just prolonging the commencement of the investigation! Let's wait and see how long you can delay," Bradley sneered. When he heard the young master ask Elder Judah to investigate his brother, Bradley couldn't be more joyful. He was almost 99 percent sure that his brother couldn't deliver enough souls.

"Shut up! You've talked too much!" the young master yelled at Bradley. Then, he turned to Darren and said, "Tell me about your requirement."

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"That's very good!" The young master was delighted. He stood and patted his seat, before he asked, "Elder Judah, can you release them?"

"Yes, I can. But once I get the soul beads out, Kaleb's spatial treasure will be completely ruined. Therefore, I need his consent to remove the soul beads," the old man said carefully. Obviously, he was more polite to Darren now.

"I agree," Darren said and nodded at once.

The old man then released his Spirit Power and shattered Darren's spatial treasure to remove three soul beads from it. One was Kaleb's original bead and the other two were the metal balls that Darren put inside just now.

"Hmm? Why do you have two metal beads, which are different from our sect's soul beads?" Bradley raised his doubt at once. His face was pale at that time, but his mind was still very clear. As soon as he saw the three beads, he noticed that two were different. He quickly seized the opportunity to fight back.

"These two resemble those from the Soul Hunter Sect!" the old man blurted out. He frowned, and his face became cold and sharp again.

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