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   Chapter 457 Investigate Kaleb’s Spatial Treasure (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-01 00:12

Darren, who had disguised himself as Kaleb after killing him, was panicking. He had a wild thought about what he should do if he couldn't deliver enough souls of the dead to the young master of the Red Inferno Sect.

Although Darren looked calm on the surface now, his heart was thudding in his chest.

"As my spatial treasure is broken, I can't get them out yet," Darren answered at once.

"Broken? I think you just lied to all of us. The fact is that you can't deliver anything to our young master. As for the matters of where you have been and what you have done recently, I have doubts about them," Kaleb's younger brother, who was standing next to Darren, commented instantly. As soon as the opportunity arose, he would seize the chance to put his elder brother's life in danger. Apparently, the two brothers didn't get along with each other and even hated each other.

"Bradley Yu, you are going too far this time!" Darren snarled. He knew that he had to behave like Kaleb and avoid showing signs of weakness if he didn't want others to suspect him.

After Darren finished speaking, he took a threatening step toward Kaleb's younger brother, Bradley Yu.

Of course, Darren would not attack Bradley, because Kaleb's rule cultivation skill was different from what Darren had grasped. If he attacked Bradley, Darren would expose his true identity to others.

"Stop your quarreling now," the young master ordered sternly. Yet, he appeared relaxed when he saw Kaleb's aggressiveness. It meant that Kaleb could have finished collecting the number of souls that he had wanted. As the young master of his sect, he didn't want to kill Kaleb. Deep inside, he knew how vital Kaleb was to him. Earlier, when he threatened to kill Kaleb, he was bluffing. Killing him would be equal to cutting off

o be unreasonable based on his understanding of Kaleb's personality. After reading the memory of the disciple in gray, Darren had learned that Kaleb was extremely concerned about privacy, reputation, and honor, which was a well-known fact.

"You mean, even Elder Judah doesn't have the right to review your spatial treasure? Don't you realize that you have insulted Elder Judah by saying that? Or you are afraid that your lie will be exposed, and therefore, you are protecting yourself at the cost of offending Elder Judah?" Bradley pressed his brother hard. He didn't give up his aggressiveness toward Kaleb at all. He knew he had to strike his brother while the situation favored him.

At that moment, Darren was aware that he couldn't compromise and let the old man investigate his spatial treasure. The fiercer their argument grew, the more frustration and trouble Bradley would meet later.

After Bradley made such a comment, the old man became greatly annoyed by Darren's words. 'What does he mean by 'he can't allow others to investigate his personal belongings freely'? Even the young master will respect me in public. Why can't I investigate his stuff?' the older man thought irritably.

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