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   Chapter 456 The Interrogation (Part Two)

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He knew from the memory he read that there were more than one hundred thousand disciples in the Red Inferno Sect. And most importantly, many of them were very powerful. He had to be very discerning.

Faced with such a huge sect, it became even more difficult for Darren to find and save his sister. But he was not going to give up that easily.

Walking for a while, Darren followed the gray-robed man into a huge and magnificent palace. Darren looked around him to take in the magnificence of the place.

There weren't too many people in the palace. There were about a dozen men. The man who was sitting in the very front in a careless way seemed to be in his thirties. On his left side stood a skinny older man while on his right side was a black-robed young man. The rest were attendants.

"How dare you, Kaleb Yu! How dare you? Huh?"

As soon as Darren stepped in the huge palace, the young man sitting in the front slapped his hand on the big chair in anger, and stared at Darren with dead fury inside his eyes, as if he wanted to kill him right there and now.

"Please forgive me, young master! I beg you, please forgive me!" Darren tried his best to act, or he would be in big trouble if he was discovered. He knelt down on the ground, cupped his hands and bowed down to the young master. He even almost groveled.

"Someone get him out of here and kill him! Get him out of here now!" The young man shouted angrily without even demanding an explanation. He was furious.

"What? Why, please no!" Darren almost couldn't believe his ears. A frown formed on his face. He had to find a way out.

"What? What now? Are you trying to disobey the young master's order? Has it come to

o was in dilemma. The words were already out, but in the bead left by the dead black-robed man, there were only more than 700 souls. What should he do right now? He needed to think quickly.

If he told the truth, all the effort he had put in this disguise would have been in vain. Not only that, he would be in danger as well. He was hoping a better idea would come to him.

The young master seemed to be a very powerful man. Even Darren couldn't tell his true strength at all, which made him all the more dangerous. Not only that, the man that made Darren worry the most was the skinny older man standing beside the young master. His dark eyes seemed to be piercing through Darren's soul. And his Spirit Power was so strong that it made Darren gasp. He felt surrounded from all sides.

Darren could tell that he must be an extremely strong rule cultivator! Yes indeed! Besides, if they discovered Darren's true identity when he was in the Red Inferno Sect, he would be doomed. Countless powerful rule cultivators would be coming to kill Darren, and it would be almost impossible for him to escape. He was trapped for now.

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