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   Chapter 455 The Interrogation (Part One)

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From the knowledge that Darren gained from the ape, he knew that the Sect-protecting Rule Array set up by the rule cultivators included three small arrays, the Killing Array, the Restriction Array and the Illusion Array. He was grateful to the ape for that knowledge. Each of the three arrays could be used individually. If one wanted to use more than one of them at the same time, it would be more difficult than using only one.

The moment Darren stepped inside the Sect-protecting Rule Array, he felt that the three kinds of arrays were all activated. With the three of them combined together, the power could kill a three-star grand warrior! He must be careful!

'If I didn't get the true soul token and got here accidentally, I would have already been dead by now! What a trap!' Darren thought to himself, feeling extremely lucky to be alive.

After a while, the Sect-protecting Rule Array detected that Darren had the true soul token with him. Only then did the frightening aura of the array disappear.

While the big array calmed down, a person dressed in gray appeared in front of Darren's eyes all of a sudden, startling him a little. Who could it be, Darren wondered.

"Master Kaleb, why are you back this late? The young master is dead furious. I'm afraid that even if you have finished the task, he still won't forgive you. You have no idea the state he's in," the gray-robed man said hurriedly with a worried look on his face, after using his Spirit Power to check Darren's identity.

Darren was sure that he didn't find out his true identity, and he silently let out a small sigh of relief before opening his mouth and answering, "Something happened. I almost couldn't make it back. I will explain it to the young master myself. No need to worry."

Darren was identical to the dead black-robed ma

opinion. In either case, something was wrong.

"Shut up, will you? Just direct the way! Lead me to it!" Darren demanded harshly. Reading the man's memory had used much of Darren's Spirit Power, and that was why he appeared to be tired. Darren immediately stopped using the tiring skill once he gained some useful information. He was irritable because he was tired.

The gray-robed man couldn't help but shudder a bit at hearing Darren's harsh tone. He had thought that Kaleb became much nicer after coming back from his task, but it seemed that he was awfully wrong. He was still the bitchy guy he once was. Nothing had changed. 'Ha! The young master will definitely punish you, Kaleb!' he thought viciously and vindictively.

"Okay, okay. Please come with me, Master Kaleb, follow me this way." The gray-robed man appeared to be polite, but underneath he was full of insults.

Once they stepped inside the palace complex, Darren was utterly shocked. He did not expect this.

To say that the place was huge was an understatement. Countless palaces were situated among the mountains and rivers, like a sleeping dragon. Darren couldn't even tell where the beginning was nor the end was. He was mesmerized.

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