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   Chapter 454 Sneaking In

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"Though one can only teleport for 100 feet after mastering this rule formula, the special part is that there's no incantation needed; only the movement of Spirit Power is required, which makes it a very special skill to acquire." Darren briefly checked through.

This formula was also very helpful during battles among martial artists because powerful attacks could be dodged by teleporting a distance of 100 feet. It was indeed a precious skill. It was also useful for escaping; as long as one had enough Spirit Power, this technique could be used infinitely. The trick was to have enough Spirit Power.

After choosing the three rule formulas, Darren returned to where the ape was, who was expecting him.

"You've chosen your formulas, and the method of training is also passed on to you. Now the rest depends on you alone. No one can do it for you. There's one more thing that you need to know: your Spirit Power is at level 18 now, but don't hastily surpass level 36. Something unexpected can happen to you, and you won't like it," the ape warned him, hoping he would heed the warning.

'Do not surpass level 36?'

Darren had heard of what could happen to him if he did so. A witcher told him that Spirit Power over level 36 could cause its owner to become the witcher itself!

Strictly speaking, a witcher was not considered a human being anymore; in fact, it was, another kind of species.

However, it also meant one more thing. Normally, no matter how powerful a rule cultivator was, his Spirit Power level would not be over 36.

"I know, I know, so I'll control myself, how hard can it be?" Darren replied with a question.

"There's no need for control though, but the awakening of the Spirit Power can be very difficult, especially after level 20. It may take over decades or hundreds of years to increase even one level. After level 30, thousands of years are considered short.

Even if you have some special methods to obtain Spirit Power, reaching level 30 within a thousand years is difficult and hard, to say the least. The Spirit Power of my real body just barely passed level 30, but with the rule formulas of the demonic monsters, I could easily defeat an inferior holy warrior without any effort at all," the ape said nonchalantly.

"Oh, really?" Darren gasped with shock, "Rule formulas mastered with the Spirit Power of merely level 30 can be so horrifying? I've heard that some witchers have even reached level 72. How powerful is that! I can't imagine what they are capable of!"

"You've heard of the witcher, haven't you?" Surprised, the ape looked at Darren and calmly replied, "As far as I know, a person doesn't necessarily become stronger after level 36, even though his Spirit Power's level increase further, due to the fact that rule


Other rule cultivators would be frightened with shock if they knew he learned all three rule formulas within such a short time. They would also be intimidated. Normally, a rule cultivator with Spirit Power of level 18 would require at least two years to master these three formulas. But Darren was far from normal.

His silvery eyes made it possible for him to shorten such an immense amount of time. The pupil could directly perceive the rules, so he did not need an extensive length of time to detect and unearth them, like others did.

Darren released the dead body of the black-robed man, and copied his appearance, and then collected every item it owned.

After that, he took out the true soul token, and scanned for the position of the Red Inferno Sect.

"It's located at a place 30, 000 miles away from the barren mountains. I can certainly get there in half a day." Darren had finally found it.

Whiz! Whiz!

Darren soared into the sky.

Winds by his ears echoed as Darren accelerated to his maximum speed. He was already near the palace in half a day's time, as he had correctly estimated.

He landed a few miles away from the palace of the Red Inferno Sect, and walked with great speed before he found himself standing in front of it.

On the surface, everywhere appeared deserted, but with the true soul token, a huge palace could be seen, firmly standing in the mountains, a world beyond a world.

Darren stepped forward, and a great wave of rule power rushed at him, suppressing everything within its region. It took him by great surprise!

"Oh, my! It is such a powerful attack of a rule array. Even a three-star grand warrior cannot survive if he steps in without caution."

Darren immediately comprehended how powerful the Sect-protecting Rule Array was, with his profound knowledge of rule cultivation now.

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