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   Chapter 453 Choosing The Rule Formulas (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-12-30 00:12

Darren skimmed over them randomly. There were thousands of branches under the Fire Rule. And there were even smaller branches under each branch.

"The Hiding Rule, the Wind Rule, the Shackle Rule, the Spatial Rule, and the Avatar Rule... Wow, there are just too many rules. How can I learn all these rules..."

Darren was flying in front of the countless screens at a very fast speed, reading the introductions of the rules. At the same time, he was considering which rules he should choose. He had to be very wise in choosing the three rules.

"I have dabbled in the Wind Rule and the Rule of the Earth. And I have also learned a little about the Avatar Rule. But the Avatar Rule I know came with the inheritance skill of the Dragon Blood Clan, and it's different from the Avatar Rule of a rule cultivator. So should I choose that one?

Not only that, I have the flame intent and the ice intent too. They are two small branches of the Fire Rule and the Water Rule. Well, I'll just consider that I have dabbled in both of them then. It seems that I'd better choose formulas of other rules," Darren muttered to himself, carefully considering the rules he'd choose.

His goal for now was to get into the Red Inferno Sect, so he'd better choose some rule formulas that were practical. Maybe this would be helpful for him. He needed to focus.

"Oh, the Illusion Rule is great!" It seemed he had found a useful rule.

Darren saw that there was a rule formula called the Copying Skill under the Illusion Rule. He was intrigued.

He was interested in the Illusion Rule only after he read the description of the Copying Skill rule formula. It sounded extremely interesting.

The Copying Skill rule formula was a branch of the Illusion Rule. And as its name suggested, wh

pirit Power got stronger because that way, he could practice them at a faster speed, and he would have greater stamina.

'Well, I am now at level 18 of the Spirit Power. I should master these simple rule formulas in 10 days maximum, ' he thought proudly.

"I can only choose one last rule formula. Which one should I get? They're all so tempting," Darren mumbled to himself. He was hesitant. He looked around, flew around and skimmed the descriptions of several rule formulas in order to help him decide.

After deep consideration for some time, Darren decided to choose a rule formula that had something to do with speed. He had dabbled in the Wind Rule before, so he could practice a formula of speed under the rule much faster. Besides, it would also be easier and more convenient for him to run when he was in danger. He knew he had made the right choice.

"This is it, the Hurricane Teleportation Skill! I can't believe it!" After silently giving it some consideration for a while, he finally made up his mind.

If Darren fully mastered the Hurricane Teleportation Skill, he could then teleport anywhere, thereby achieving some effect of the Spatial Rule. That was it!

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