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   Chapter 452 Choosing The Rule Formulas (Part One)

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The ape nodded his head in approval, and added, "Yes, you are right. In fact, the cruelest Conflicting Cultivation in the world are cultivating rules and martial arts at the same time!"

"But, isn't... Sir, I have seen someone who is rule cultivator and martial artist at the same time, and she is also good at both. But nothing strange has happened to her. Why is that?" Darren immediately thought of Hailey when they talked about practicing martial arts and rule cultivation together. She was very skilled at both.

As for martial arts, Hailey practiced Primitive Feminine and Primitive Masculine skills at the same time, and she was even more powerful than Darren. Not only that, she was a very good rule cultivator as well. At the very least she could only use her power of a rule cultivator to kill a two-star grand warrior. That was pretty impressive by any standard.

"Well, there are indeed the kind of people you have seen. They exist. But eventually, they have to choose one of both cultivations. And they need to make the choice before getting into the Holy Realm. It's imperative. So, it's okay to practice both martial arts and rule cultivation before that for the time being."

"So, you mean that martial artists who reach the Holy Realm can never be a rule cultivator simultaneously. Did I understand you correctly, sir?" Darren asked, puzzled and wondering why.

"Yes, you are right. The Holy Realm is a very delicate and mysterious realm. If someone who is also a rule cultivator before he or she gets in the Holy Realm, then he or she will definitely have to give it up so they'd have a chance to get into the realm. It's a must and a condition in order to get into the realm."

"Then what about rule cultivators? I mean, is it the same for them too? Can a po

a lot of effort, Darren finally understood.

The knowledge that Darren had received included every detail about all kinds of rules and countless ways to practice different branches of the rules. There were also many tricks of how to get started. He was sure that they would help him a lot in the future. He realized there was so much he didn't know.

"All right, get in the first floor of the tower to choose the rule formulas. I don't care what formulas or what rules you choose. But remember, you can't choose too many of them. You can only choose three rule formulas at most. I'm serious about it. You hear me? I don't want any mistakes now!" With that last warning, the ape waved his hand and sent Darren into the One Rule Tower. The last warning kept echoing in Darren's ears.

Once he got into the One Rule Tower, there were countless shimmering screens appearing in front of his eyes. On the screens, there were some ancient words carved, which Darren looked closely at.

He realized they were all introductions of the rules and the formulas. He was fascinated.

"The Fire Rule includes the True Fire, the Fantastic Fire, the Burning Fire, the Dark Fire, the Cold Fire..."

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