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   Chapter 451 The Rule And Martial Arts Cultivation (Part Two)

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"You have finally come."

A hoarse and gruffly voice reached Darren's ears. He looked up and found that the sound emanated from a transparent ripple that floated high up in the air. The ripple danced in the air and gradually formed into the shape of an ape.

The ape seemed quite aged with the appearance resembling the Giant Ape. The only difference was that this ape was much smaller in size and was almost as tall as a human.

"Sir!" Although the ape was only a shadow, Darren cupped his hands and bowed to him modestly.

"I am just a shadow created from a rule power. The purpose of my dwelling here is to teach you the knowledge about the rule cultivators. But you ought to know that my cultivation method is different from you human beings. Mine is a lot like what you humans call it black magic. Because of that, I cannot teach you powerful fighting skills directly. Instead, I can only offer you suggestions when you are at a loss for what to do next. The final decision is still yours to make," the ape stated with an authoritative voice.

"I understand!" Darren answered and nodded his head in agreement.

"Now, I will explain to you the basic principle of becoming a rule cultivator. The road to being a rule cultivator is nothing different from all the other cultivation methods in the world. The powerful skills that rule cultivators possessed originated from the forces of the heaven and earth and the Universe Rule, of course. Powerful as they are, they still cannot match up to the genuinely prominent rule cultivators in strength. A compelling one can easily comprehend the true rules through the Universe Rule.

For instance, human rule cultivators can perform such means of attacks like Wind Blade and Wind Spear with the help of the Wind Rule. Those means all belong to the basic standard of utilization. The compelling r

lity at the moment. At the same time, it is complicated to explain as well. Let me ask you a question first! You are holding both blade and sword intents in you. That means you are cultivating the conflicting martial arts skills, am I right?" the ape questioned.

"Yes, it is true that I am cultivating the conflicting martial arts skills." Although still confused, Darren answered the ape's question obediently.

"Do you know what the cruelest Conflicting Cultivation is?" The ape continued to ask Darren strange questions.

'The cruelest Conflicting Cultivation?

Is it Ice and Flame Cultivation? Or is it Blade and Sword Cultivation? Or the Feminine and Masculine Cultivation?'

Darren's mind swiftly went over all the skills he had known that were conflicting with each other.

After a while, he seemed to have realized the correct answer to the question. He knew all this time that all the conflicting martial arts skills were nothing but martial arts cultivation. What about the rule cultivation?

"Do you mean that cultivating the martial arts and rules at the same time is the cruelest Conflicting Cultivation?" Darren blurted out. The thought was so abominable that he himself was even astonished by his answer.

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