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   Chapter 450 The Rule And Martial Arts Cultivation (Part One)

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Bewildered and dazzled, something unusual met Darren's eyes as the arrow condensed out of the rule power. This time the conjured weapon was much different compared to that of a martial artist—visible but not tangible.

With a chilly light, the arrow aimed straight towards Darren, fast and unstoppable. Bemused with such potent skill, Darren was held frozen at the moment and couldn't move a single muscle.

As the raging arrow neared him, Darren brandished his sword and attempted to block the deadly weapon. However, his effort was in vain. As the arrow was just a vague shape, there was no way Darren's sword could get in touch with it. Like a shooting star, the arrow slipped quickly through his sword and continued to charge towards his chest.

The swiftness and invincibility of the arrow showcased a significant superiority, whose power could only be waned by weapons that were cast by a more robust rule power than the arrow itself.

With almost an inaudible sound, the arrow made its way into Darren's chest, piercing and shattering him gradually.

All at once, Darren felt a gust of vigorous stir in his chest. He was waiting to feel the searing pain, but it came later than he anticipated.

The power of the arrow seemed to slit open his chest and destroy him from inside. He was so distraught at the moment that he couldn't afford to look at his chest—afraid that he might not like what he would saw.

Just as Darren stood transfixed in horror, the ring in his hand began to wobble and let out several abstruse, unintelligible runes.

Like a steady stream of calm water, the runes began to flow into Darren's chest as if they were guided by a gentle leading hand.

The runes confronted the power of the arrow. A severe fight was evident, and in the end, the runes were proved to be the potent ones. After a series of clashing sounds, the arrow was at last cut into pi

unted to continue his plan.

"There are tons of malicious rule cultivators in the Red Inferno Sect. This man's death must have warned them. How can we get in without catching their attention now?" Darren murmured in dismay. Thoughts about how to locate and sneak into the Red Inferno Sect kept on spinning on his mind.

He contemplated a little and found that he had so little knowledge about rule cultivators to be able to predict what their next proceeding should be. Suddenly, the One Rule Tower that the Giant Ape had imprinted in his heart came into his mind. He had an instinct that the One Rule Tower would likely tell him something about rule cultivators.

He could have investigated and studied the One Rule Tower earlier if he had not been in a hurry the whole trip that he gave little attention to it until now.

With his hopes renewed by such notions, Darren transferred his Spirit Power to his heart. After that, he began to activate the small tower that was stowed in there.

Upon activating the One Rule Tower, a buzzing sound started to ring around his ears, and the next thing he realized was that the whole scenario in front of him had been changed. Now, he was standing in front of a high tower, above which, lines of runes floated.

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