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   Chapter 449 Get A Token

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The man in the black robe felt so scared that he didn't use his power to hide his body and directly flew away as fast as he could. One could almost not see him fly because he sped away.

"The speed of commanding the Wind Rule is really fast! I must say!"

Darren's fist failed to land on the man because the man was faster than him. Darren had to find a way.

But the man wouldn't be faster than the Water Kylin.

"Run perhaps?"

the Water Kylin roared and smashed the man's line of retreat with his claws. The man was astonished and stopped mid-way.

"Who the hell are you? Why are you deliberately trying to pick on me? What's going on here?" The man asked after he felt that he couldn't escape. He thought that he might survive as long as he handed over enough treasures. He was trying to think of other ways too.

Darren flew over and directly landed in front of the man, scaring him further.

"That's something I'm supposed to be asking you. Who are you? What's your status in the Red Inferno Sect? Huh? Go on, speak up!" Darren's purpose was to rescue his sister from the Red Inferno Sect, so the man could be forced to tell them much useful information if he had a high status in the Red Inferno Sect. The important thing was to find out who he was.

"Why should I tell you? Give me one good reason why?" The man patted his wide sleeves and coldly looked at Darren. His fear had vanished.

"You are such a hard-ass! Don't you know what can happen to you? You should know how horrible Ethan's death was. If you want to follow him, you don't have to answer. It's that simple," Darren said coldly and his words were filled with murderous intent, piercing through the man's heart.

The man began to tremble and realized that he fell for the trick. Ethan, his slave, was wounded by them and forced to lure him. It then wasn't a surprise why Ethan dared to scold him so recklessly. The man should have known better.

The man paused for several seconds. And then he begged, "Sir, don't kill me please! I beg you, please don't kill me sir!"

In the face of such a powerful legendary beast as the Water Kylin, it was futile for him to use any rule spell attack. So he gave in. He was no match for the Water Kylin.

Besides, once his rule spell attack was warded off, even the young martial artist in front of him could easily kill him. He feared for his life.

"Okay, you must answer questions honestly. If you don't, there'll be consequences." Darren released his blade and sword intents to envelope the man. If the man dared to rebel against him, there would be numerous bone-deep gashes on the man's body. The man realized the danger he was in.

The man sweated heavily and yielded completely.

"I'm just a reclusive cultivator who worked in the Red

n I will send you to the mountain thousands of miles away. Then you need to live there forever. Those are the terms!"

Although the man killed many people, this time he helped Darren and was genuinely repentant about his mistakes. That was what made Darren decide to spare his life.

The man put his head to the ground with boundless hatred in his eyes.

'I need to deprive all of my cultivation base and be imprisoned in the mountain? Those are the terms? It's like a lifetime in prison. What's the point of living like this? What's the point?'

the man thought desperately. 'It's worse than killing me if that is the case.'

"Thank you ever so much sir, I am indebted to you sir." Even though the man was so angry in the back of his mind, he still looked surprised and constantly kowtowed to Darren. He had to play this right, he thought.

"Do it now, right now," Darren said coldly, without hesitation.

The man raised his head, which was heavy now, with a deep sigh. And then he gathered all of his rule power so that the runes on his hand started shining.

"Eh? What? Do you really need so much rule power to ruin your cultivation base? Is that really necessary?" Darren asked with his eyebrows knitted, and a cold look on his face.

"Yes, you're right. You're absolutely right. I've never suffered such humiliation. I'm taking you down with me to the bottom of hell! You little bastard! Ha-ha-ha…" the man yelled, with a hideous smile on his face.

"Shit! No!"

Darren had a bad feeling and he suddenly realized that the man was activating the most powerful skill by burning a soul to kill him. He knew he was in trouble then.

In a blink of an eye, the man's eyes gradually lost glow. A flaming arrow penetrated the space aiming at Darren. The speed of that arrow was so fast that even the Water Kylin couldn't resist it.

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