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   Chapter 448 Chase

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Darren could feel the ring on his finger slightly quiver to block the Spirit Power that the man in the black robe had released.

The Water Kylin was a legendary ancient beast and was therefore adept at hiding its own aura, making it hard for the man in the black robe to find as well, even with the use of his Spirit Power.

After a while of observation, the man in the black robe did not detect anything unusual. He released a flame to burn Ethan and prepared to leave.

"These more than seven hundred souls are quite powerful than I expected. I'm just going to have to collect the rest on my way back to the sect," the man in the black robe muttered to himself.

Unbeknownst to the man, Darren was close by and had overheard him. The latter was delighted to find out where the man was planning to go. All he had to do was follow him so he could find out where the Red Inferno Sect was.

After cleaning up the mess, the man in black robe unhurriedly left. Darren followed closely behind him.

"Damn it, why haven't I encountered anyone along the way?" The man in the black robe had been walking in the barren mountain for a long time and was becoming disgruntled at the lack of any suitable targets.

"Oh, well. Looks like I have no choice but to take a detour and slaughter a village, then." The man released his Spirit Power to locate any nearby villages, turning around to walk towards another direction as he did so.

Darren knitted his eyebrows together in apprehension. He knew something horrible would happen; the man in black robe would not leave if he had not collected enough souls.

The man in the black robe soon found a village and made his way towards it.

"Hey, there's a man in a black robe over there."

"He's probably from someplace far away. He must be tired. Zack, fetch a bowl of water for him in case he's thirsty."

The unsuspecting people working on the farm at the periphery of the village were quick to hospitality, too trusting for their own good.

A boy walked towards the man, carrying a bowl of water. "Hey mister, are you thirsty? Here, you can have some water," he said.

The man in the black robe blinked at the boy, a bit stunned. He stared down at the boy and said, "How simple and naive you are. Unfortunately though, you're very unlucky."

"What are you talking about, mister? Who's unlucky?" The boy grinned.

"Nothing. Just pray that you'll be luckier in your next life." He then bent his fingers to form a claw and pierced the boy's skull.

"Ah, you!"

The people on the farm stared at the scene in shock.

"You devil! I will kill you!" A middle-aged man lifted his hoe and rushed towards the man in the black robe, eyes seething with fury.

at Darren and the Water Kylin.

However, Darren was not able to help them for the time being because he was preoccupied with searching for the man in the black robe. He had searched the area within a hundred miles from the village, but to no avail.

"Gee, that guy must be good at using the invisibility skill. I should probably use this ring to break his skill in order to find him."

With that thought, Darren immediately directed his Spirit Power into the ring. Another function of the ring was to break the protective barrier of a rule cultivator.

"I've found him!"

Darren had only found a vague shadow shrouded by a rule power and had not yet confirmed if it really was the man in the black robe, so he hastily flew towards that location to find out.

Before leaving, Darren scattered thousands of superior spiritual herbs from the air as compensation for the villagers. He could not bring the dead back to life. It was the only thing he could do.

The Water Kylin then flew away as well, following after Darren.

In the blink of an eye, Darren had flown dozens of miles away and was nearing the figure.

"It's indeed him!" Darren confirmed that it was indeed the man in the black robe once they reached closer.

He then turned himself into a ray of light and flew towards the man at full speed.

"Shit. That was close. That legendary beast is so powerful. I would have died if I hadn't used the Teleportation Skill." The man in the black robe was all smug, thinking that he had luckily escaped Darren and the Water Kylin.

However, his expression turned ghastly in the next second—a powerful sword intent and blade intent were flying towards him.

"Damn it! How could they have detected me so soon! This is impossible!" the man in the black robe exclaimed as he trembled in fear.

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