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   Chapter 447 The Resurface Of The Black-robed Man (Part Two)

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As a plan was formed in Darren's head, he was grateful for the ring that the red-robed elder had given to him. The ring could help him resist the attack from rule cultivators as well as hide his aura for them not to detect him. The ring could conceal him well enough that even the powerful black-robed messenger might not be able to find him. Thus, Ethan's suggestion might just actually be workable. However, the question that remained was how to summon that black-robed messenger here.

"I can help you lure him out. He does not know that I have been compromised," Ethan offered. More than anything else, he was doing it for himself rather than helping Darren at all. He was with the hope that if Darren could kill that black-robed messenger, he too would be freed from his bondage with him.

"You? Are you really going to do that for me? Or are you thinking that maybe I will spare your life if you help me with that?" Curious and bothered at the same time, Darren was a little hesitant as to why Ethan offered to help him.

"Look at me. I am better dead than being alive. This is not for me, and I just want a quick death. That's all." All of a sudden, Ethan began to laugh as if he was relieved to know that a painless death was right around the corner.

Even if he got to keep his life today, he would still be a useless person who could barely take care of himself. Furthermore, now that he was incapacitated, that black-robed man would most likely kill him since he was of no use to him. If he once again fell into the hands of that black-robed man, he would most likely be tortured the way that he had just experienced from Darren. He was scared by that pain, and he would not want to live through it anymore, which was the reason why he wanted to help Darren so that he could have a quick death by return.

However, Darren could not read Ethan's mind. He was worried that Ethan might use it as an opportunity to call for the backup of many powerful rule cultivators to attack him s

Only then did Darren realize that Ethan really wanted to die. So he chose the back-robed man's way to end his own life.

Just a few steps away from them, Darren decided not to speculate further on the reason for Ethan's action. He had collected more than seven hundred souls, which could only mean that he had killed many people to acquire such souls. That simply meant that his death was rightful and not worth any tears.

The current issue at hand for Darren was whether he should tail this black-robed man or just take him down right then and there and force him to lead him to the Red Infernal Sect.

Looking at the black-robed man, Darren could sense that his Spirit Power was mighty, and his rule cultivation must be equally strong. Even if he managed to outmatch him with the help of the Water Kylin, his plans would still be ruined if the black-robed man managed to escape.

"He had been wounded before he died. Who did this to my dog? Could it be from some warriors that are onto us?" As curiosity stirred him, the black-robed man noticed the wounds on Ethan's body and soon realized that he did not inflict the injuries to himself.

With that, as a knee-jerk action, the black-robed man immediately activated his Spirit Power and began to check for any suspicious presence in the radius of hundreds of miles.

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