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   Chapter 446 The Resurface Of The Black-robed Man (Part One)

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Hearing Ethan's words, Darren gave out a cold smile. He was thinking about the possibility that Ethan's soul was still here even if his body and bones were disheveled, torn, and shattered. Darren was pleased to know that his opponent had never stood a chance against him from the start—he must have improved these past few weeks.

All this time, as a result of numerous battles that he had, Darren knew how to attack his opponent's soul. However, it usually would not work, especially when he was up to face an opponent who also had powerful souls. After all, there was still much room for improvement for his Spirit Power.

Ethan's soul was indeed quite strong, but he was dying at the moment. With his dying body, his soul was about to collapse, another blow from Darren would inevitably end his life. The warrior couldn't withstand Darren's soul attack in the first place.


A Spirit Power Arrow that was invisible to naked eyes pierced into the spirit of Ethan. The skill was so potent that, along its path, swirls of combined smoke and dust towered through the air.

"Ahhhhh!" Right after the impact, Ethan was immobilized and could not do anything but to scream out of pain. He limped and lolled in agony and couldn't cry out much louder. The torture was way too excruciating for him.

When it came to battles, the attack on one's soul was more intense and damaging than any form of physical assault on one's body. It certainly would cause much more pain, hundred-fold stronger. Darren knew all these, for he had experienced the same thing earlier.

While Darren was looking down at him, he could see that Ethan was in great pain and on the verge of dying. On the one hand, as he laid there bearing all the torment, Ethan sincerely wished that he had been dead so that there wouldn't be a need for him to suffer such pain of this scale. However, he could not even lift a finger to end his own life.

"Are you going to talk or not? Do not test my patience. I am starting to reach the end of my rope


"Do you know where the Red Inferno Sect is based in? And how do I gain access to the sect?" asked Darren, in hopes of locating and eradicating the evil sect from this world.

"Put it in your word, and I am simply a dog of that messenger. They will definitely keep that information from me. How am I supposed to know that?" Ethan gave a bitter smile while joking about himself. Now that the cat was out of the bag, he admitted his status of being a servitude to the Red Inferno Sect.

Darren did not say anything as he knew that Ethan was most likely telling the truth. Judging from his situation at the moment, he could not possibly be able to contact the Red Inferno Sect directly.

But, Darren also did not want to let this newly-acquired piece of information go to waste. He was not happy about how things went, but after a moment of contemplation, he decided that this was still a dead end, and he needed to find new information to track down the Red Infernal Sect.

"If you really want to find the Red Inferno Sect, I think you can follow that messenger with your ability to conceal your aura." Breaking the dull moment, Ethan suddenly began to speak. His idea surprised Darren a little.

"Is that possible?" With a challenging tone, Darren frowned after giving it a thought. "Then, how do I find that black-robed messenger?"

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