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   Chapter 445 Capture Ethan

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When Darren approached, he hid somewhere hundreds of meters away to better observe the situation. He held his breath and hid his aura.

Since he obtained the skill to conceal his aura together with his strong Spirit Power and the ring given by the old man in red robe which could help him hide his aura, no matter how powerful a martial artist or a rule cultivator would be, he could not sense his existence. That skill was priceless.

"My lord, please tell me, what do you want me to do?" Ethan asked respectfully, while still down on his knees.

Even Ethan, who was a two-star grand warrior at the top level, looked humble before the man in black. It seemed that the status and power of the man in black was not low.

"Humph. Ethan, after I saved you, you promised me that you would pay me 1, 000 souls. Where are they now huh?" the man in black griped, looking down at the prostrated Ethan.

Though the voice of the man in black robe was just slightly loud, Ethan was, on the other hand, dripping cold sweat from his forehead, and frightened.

"My lord, I have just recently recovered from my wounds, so the number hasn't reached 1, 000. Please give me a few more days and you'll have your heart's desire," Ethan eagerly pleaded as he made a kowtow to the man in black, looking like a lost puppy.

"Well. It is very sensible of you. I will give you another three days. If you still can't give me 1, 000 souls, you shall suffer dire consequences. Have I made myself clear?

And I must remind you. Don't expect to flee. You must be certain of the thing I planted deep in your soul. If you flee, you will be in more pain! I hope that's clear now!" the man in black said in a gloomy tone before disappearing as his body thinned out. He simply vanished into the air.

"Damn! Damn!"

Ethan roared in fury, trembling from head to foot. He smashed a boulder hard with his palm and kicked another with his foot from the frustration.

"What did I do wrong? What? First, I was driven by the legendary beast of the little bastard. After I was saved, I encountered the evil cultivator. It's unbelievably outrageous! In balance, it is all Darren's fault really! He is a total bastard!" Ethan shouted, grinding his teeth in anger, hatred filling his heart, and shooting through his eyes.

Seeing the entire scene and hearing Ethan's words, Darren realized that the man in black was an evil cultivator, but he couldn't be certain whether he belonged to the Red Inferno Sect or not. He must think of something.

"Damn Ethan. He has even been reduced to a flunky of an evil cultivator. In this way, I shall not let him off," Darren muttered to himself. "It won't be an easy ride for you, Ethan," Darren continued.

Darren heard that the man in black asked Ethan to collect 1, 000 powerful souls. To put it simply, in order to accomplish the task, Ethan had to kill 1, 000 people. Darren had decided to wipe him out before he conducted this evildoi

Ethan. He did not want to see him again!

"You villain. How dare you appear before me? Well. I will tear you to pieces! And that is a promise!"

Ethan was taken aback for a moment for he had never expected that the Water Kylin would come out of nowhere. He was almost frightened and about to collapse on the ground.

" lord, please, please spare my life,"

Ethan begged for the Water Kylin's mercy. He even had no courage to escape, his legs weak and limp, kneeling down on the ground.

"Spare your life you say? You beast, you even defected to an evil cultivator. How dare you want to kill a newborn baby? You don't deserve to be a man, let alone a grand warrior! "

Darren bellowed in anger.

"My lord, I have no choice, no choice. My lord, please spare me, please," Ethan said and started crying.

"Don't quibble to me!

You once did me harm. And for this crime alone, I could sentence you to death," the Water Kylin shouted, not caring for Ethan's begging. Swiftly, he hit Ethan with his claw with all his might.


The bones all over Ethan's body were smashed. However, he didn't die. It was torturous.

With blood flowing on the ground, Ethan wailed painfully, as he was paralyzed on the ground.

Lifting his big claw, the Water Kylin prepared to kill him, but Darren jutted in and stopped him.

"That's enough. Keep him alive. I have something I need to ask him,"

Darren said. Upon hearing Darren's words, the Water Kylin withdrew his claw.

"Tell me the truth Ethan. Who is that man in black? And why did he ask you to collect souls?" Darren questioned Ethan in a loud voice.

Tears and blood flowing from his eyes, Ethan suddenly burst into grotesque laughter and said, "You little bastard, you have tailed me. Huh? Since I will die, why should I tell you? Don't you ever dream of getting any information from me!"

Realizing that he was doomed, Ethan became even more strong-willed rather than beg for mercy.

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