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   Chapter 444 Track The Red Inferno Sect (Part Two)

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"Oh? Really? Why would he be in danger?"

"I am sure that he would be probing the whereabouts of the Red Inferno Sect after leaving here. If he really found its location and broke in, even my ring would not be able to protect him and his chance of survival would be very slim," the elder in the red robe said sadly with a sorry look on his face.

"Oh, I see. So the kid Darren is impatient to wait for our leader to finish his healing process. What a pity!" Herman said and heaved a deep sigh as well.

After Darren left the Violet Phoenix Sect, he quickly flew towards the other side of the eastern land.

As the top sect of the main three evil sects of the eastern land, the Red Inferno Sect not only had strong overall strength, but its location was also unknown to most people in the eastern land. It was very hard to get to. It was rumored that the headquarters of the Red Inferno Sect was not fixed and that it had a secret palace, which could appear out of nowhere in any place among the million barren mountains of the eastern land at any time.

All these factors had made it harder for the righteous sects to suppress the Red Inferno Sect.

In the past 1, 000 years, the major righteous sects in the eastern land had organized several times of siege against the evil Red Inferno Sect. Yet, the results of the sieges all turned out to be unsatisfying. The first few times of siege had failed because it was hard to track its mysterious whereabouts; the last time, they finally found its whereabouts and a large number of their masters and rule cultivators surrounded its palace, but they never expected that they would have suffered heavy losses in the process of fighting against the evil warriors and were forced to retreat.

Since that time, the eastern land never again organized a large-scale siege oper

ene Graveyard that day, Ethan had attempted to kill Darren, but was subdued by the Water Kylin and became the latter's ride. However, Ethan was so sly and evil that he led the Water Kylin into the siege of the Invisible Panthers. That was how he escaped from the Water Kylin's control.

Darren was extremely taken aback to meet him here. He could not help but wonder what he was doing here.

'Shall I summon the Water Kylin out of my small world to kill the nasty Ethan?' Darren immediately thought to himself.

'That bastard Ethan has tried to kill me several times! This time, I must not let him go!' Darren was enraged when he thought of what Ethan had done to him.

Just as Darren wanted to release the Water Kylin to kill Ethan, a figure in a black robe suddenly dropped from the sky far away and landed right in front of Ethan.

"Lord!" Ethan called with humility and full respect and immediately knelt in front of the figure, almost worshiping him as his god.

'Huh?' Darren was confused as soon as he witnessed that scene. He immediately stopped summoning the Water Kylin. After that, he tried to conceal his own aura, and kept watching how things between Ethan and the black figure would unfold.

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