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   Chapter 443 Track The Red Inferno Sect (Part One)

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Thinking that the elder in the red robe could have been very powerful and been the one who had stopped him from killing those who spoke rudely, Darren then released his Spirit Power to detect his real strength. Soon, he found that old man's Spirit Power could be described as being unfathomable! How stunning!

"Sir, it turns out that you are a senior rule cultivator. Please kindly forgive me for my lack of manners before," Darren said with his hands cupped before him, his eyes staring at the floor.

If the old man's Spirit Power were not a lot higher than Darren's, then Darren could have easily detected that he was a strong rule cultivator earlier.

The elder in the red robe smiled, nodded, and said in a friendly tone, "Darren, thank you for helping our leader and the grand warriors out of trouble. If you need any of our help, just let me know. I will try my best to help you out. We owe you a great deal."

"Sir, thank you so much!" Darren said, turned and walked back to the elder in the red robe. "This time I came here to ask the leader and the senior warriors of your sect to help me save a person who is very important to me, but I forgot that they have been badly injured and are still in the healing and recovering process. I really came at the wrong time. I apologize." His tone sounded despondent.

The elder now learned the reason behind Darren's visit. He lowered his gaze, braced his hands and nodded his head. Since Darren said that he needed the assistance of the leader and the grand warriors, the elder believed that the rescue task would not be that easy. There would be challenging times ahead. At once, he responded, "Oh, I see. Tell me, Darren, Who exactly do you need to save? Where is he or she currently trapped?"

"It's my sister.

try to break into the Red Inferno Sect. The best option is that you wait for two or three more months when our leader and the other grand warriors will finish their healing process. By then, they will help you since you have risked your life to help them before," said the elder in the red robe, hoping Darren would take his advice.

"Sir, thank you for your wise suggestion. I will make the right decision and you'll see." Darren smiled and nodded confidently.

"Well, that's good to hear! As for how to use this ring, you will know its ins and outs after you have released some of your Spirit Power into it," the elder said and nodded wisely.

"All right. Sir, then I need to go now. Thank you for your kind and generous help," Darren said at once and then he turned to Elder Herman and expressed his appreciation and gratitude. Following that, he gracefully cupped his hands at the two to show his respect, and then he flew away.

"Alas!" After Darren left, the elder in the red robe shook his head in dismay and sighed.

"Sir, why did you shake your head in dismay and sigh?" Herman was intrigued and puzzled.

"I am afraid that this kid may be in grave danger."

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