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   Chapter 442 The Old Man In Red (Part Two)

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After a period of flight, he landed in the palaces of the Violet Phoenix Sect. The same familiar view greeted his eyes, and the same comfortable scent lingered through his nostrils. However, there was something unusual with the ambiance of the palace. Darren wondered what might be wrong, but dismissed the idea shortly.

"Stop! Who are you?" snapped a disciple of the Violet Phoenix Sect the moment he saw Darren.

"Go and tell your sect leader that Darren has something important to tell him," facing the disciple, Darren said calmly.

"Ah, you are Darren!" The disciple obviously had heard of Darren's name before. Immediately, he had a change of expression and treated Darren with respect. Bowing down, he said, "Sir, just wait a moment, please! I will inform the leaders of your arrival."

Leaving Darren behind, the disciple scampered quickly into the hall. Soon enough, a figure darted over and welcomed Darren.

"I am surprised to see you here, Darren! I am so glad to see you well and safe!"

It was Elder Herman. His face was beaming, and he was sincerely happy to see the young warrior.

Amidst their exchange of greetings, he recalled that day when the twenty three-star grand warriors withdrew. All of them were severely injured, almost to death. Later, many elders told him that Darren and his other pals rescued them.

"Elder Herman. Can you take me to see your sect leader?" Darren explained the reason for his visit and asked the elder if he could help him out.

"You want to see Master Jacob?" Elder Herman hesitated for a while and said, "Come along with me!"

Judging from the expression on the elder's face, Darren felt something was not right, but he did

asked no further.

"Sir, if you have nothing else to ask, I will have to leave." Darren nodded to the old man and to Elder Herman as well and was about to go away.

"Hey, Darren, you must have something important reasons for coming here. The sect leader is healing now, so you can't see him. It would be rude of me to put your traveling in vain. You might as well tell me. Maybe I can help you!" the old man in red said with a smile.

Hearing that, Darren thought that the old man was just showing his kindness. However, Elder Herman looked pleased and immediately said, "Darren, this is the guard of our sect, and he is a rule cultivator! He is willing to help you, and you might as well tell him."

Hesitant and confused as to what to do at the moment, a sudden surge of memories raced at Darren's head. It was at the square of the Violet Phoenix Sect, and he did his best to unleash the dark gold internal force. At that time, he was resisted by a burst of active runes so that he could not kill those who were rude to him. Obviously, the one who had stopped the fight at that moment was this old man in the red robe.

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