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   Chapter 441 The Old Man In Red (Part One)

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Finally, all the long wait had come to an end. All the necessary things that he had done to rescue Abelard had paid off. Now, standing and waiting outside the Purgatorial Tripod, the old man was very excited to see Abelard. He had never expected that his disciple would survive and come out alive of the Purgatorial Tripod.

At that surreal moment of celebration, Abelard gave a brief account of what had happened inside the Purgatorial Tripod to his master. Alternate expressions of fury, amazement, and sympathy for the group were shown on his face as he listened to Abelard's story. Yet, as the day lengthened and welcomed the night, everyone was ready to leave.

Before they left, Abelard's master thanked Darren for saving his disciple and insisted on leaving a saber as a gift of gratitude. After this, the grateful master took Abelard back to their sect. Seconds before parting their ways, Abelard left a contact bead to Darren. The bead was almost identical to the bead given to him by the Grand Blood Refiner before.

Darren appreciated the saber from the master and the contact bead from Abelard. However, he wasn't able to check them carefully and just put them into his Space Ring.

At the same instant, Hailey, who had no plans of leaving and would love to stay a little longer with Darren, was obliged to say goodbye. She had something important to do, so she also went. Meanwhile, Timothy was in no hurry. He was at peace and not pressured to go home, for he had already used an arcane skill to send a message to his clan—news that he survived and was still alive.

"Where are you going next, Darren?" Timothy asked in a casual tone.

Entertaining the same question in mind, Darren looked into

That means they all owe you a big favor. If you go to the Violet Phoenix Sect to visit Master Jacob and ask him to order those three-star grand warriors to help you, I think they will certainly not refuse.

As for me, I am going home to summon masters just in case. How about this plan, Darren?" suggested Timothy, thinking that he had a better idea this time that would make Darren say yes.

Hearing Timothy out, Darren was silent for a moment. He sensed that Timothy was right after all. In the wake of moments of hesitation, Darren agreed to the plan.

"Alright then! I will go back home first. Take care of yourself!" Timothy bid goodbye.

"You too!" Darren replied shortly.

With that, Timothy nodded and flew away.

After Timothy left, Darren had a moment of silence to himself. He thought about his sister and what could have been her situation right now. Though he knew that she was such a strong woman, yet deep inside him, there was a subtle sense that she needed his brother. With that thought in mind, Darren was encouraged not to waste any time, and he flew out of the border towards the Violet Phoenix Sect abruptly.

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