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   Chapter 439 The Master Of The Giant Ape (Part Two)

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"What? Oh, okay." Being so embarrassed in front of Darren, the Giant Ape was left with no choice but to agree with the warrior's request. All this time, he didn't realize that he was talking way too loud. He thought that he had just a normal voice since nobody was complaining at all.

To conceal his bashfulness, the Giant Ape roared for a short second before calming down again. Then he said in a gentle voice, "Sorry, it's my fault. I will try to speak in a gentler voice from this moment on."

With that, Darren raised one of his eyebrows in surprise. It seemed that the Giant Ape had a change of heart; he was astonished as the ape agreed to his condition without putting up an argument at all. Darren knew that he wanted so badly to throw a tantrum just now, but he contained his anger. An ugly smile climbed up the Giant Ape's face once again, and Darren tried his best to hold on and not give out a disgusting smirk.

"The One Rule Tower is a very precious treasure for rule cultivators. Once you gain the tower, whether you are human or a demonic monster, you will reach significant achievements in the rule cultivation. Of course, the process won't be easy. One has to sacrifice a lot and put in a lot of effort to achieve it," explained the Giant Ape intending to divert the topic off from his loud voice.

"I see. But why did you give the tower to me? Does it have something to do with the man you want me to save?" Darren guessed after he had a more transparent concept of what the One Rule Tower was.

"Yes, you've guessed right. It has something to do with that. Now, let me tell you what you have to do."

As the Giant Ape started explaining things to him, Darren didn't interrupt. He waited silently and patiently while listening intently at the same time.

"After you get out of here

time ago can compare to my master!

But you have to know that my master had killed more than ten holy emperors. Even if he was only a senior holy warrior, not a holy emperor yet. A holy emperor is someone who surpasses the peak of the Holy Realm, reaching the Emperor Realm."

Hearing that, Darren's mouth opened wide in shock at the Giant Ape's description.

"If... If he is really that powerful as you said..."


Before Darren could even finish his words, the Giant Ape roared and banged his fist on the ground, then shouted in an angry voice, "Are you suggesting that my master is not that powerful? Are you questioning his power? Huh? My master is Barnes the Holy, and he is the strongest! Nothing more, nothing less!"

Appalled by the sudden mood swing, Darren didn't know what to say about the Giant Ape's short temper. He was quick to explain, "Of course not, sir! You misunderstood me. I can only admire your master after hearing your description. I don't doubt his power; believe me. Just hear me out. I am only curious about why is your master stranded in the Raksa Sea when he is so powerful and influential? If he can't escape as such a powerful man, then how can I save him?"

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