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   Chapter 438 The Master Of The Giant Ape (Part One)

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The pain inflicted upon Darren was so unbearable that he was shaking all over. As he was lying on the ground, Darren's face was pale and soiled with sweat. The warrior was utterly paralyzed by the sharp pain that even breathing was becoming hard for him.

"You!!" Darren stuttered in a shallow voice, trying his best to be heard.

"Don't worry. Just take a rest." With these words, the Giant Ape turned and walked away without saying another word to Darren.

Being left helpless in the ground, Darren's heart was hurting in an awful way, and he couldn't even bear it. Darkness washed over him, and the cold wind added an ounce of bitterness to the pain that he was enduring. His eyes were getting heavy, and his visions were in a hazy blur—Darren fainted.

The moment he lost his consciousness, strange runes covered Darren's body. The runes danced and twirled around his body for a short second before disappearing in his chest.

By this time, seeing that Darren was motionless, the Giant Ape put Aaron, who was in his hand, in the sarcophagus and used his arcane skill to seal it closed. The Giant Ape made sure that the sarcophagus was wholly sealed, giving Aaron no chance to escape.


After securing the sarcophagus, the Giant Ape fell and crouched on the ground with a loud bang, and the pain was evident on his face. He was confused as to what caused the sudden searing sensation. Yet, indeed, the pain was too much for him to bear.

"My sense is right. This boy is not just a son of a holy warrior, but he's a son of a mighty holy emperor. Had he used the same skill that destroyed my arm for the second time, I wouldn't have been here now. He would have killed me when he had the chance," the Giant Ape muttered to himself, feeling lucky that he was still alive. By this time, the pain subsided, and the Giant Ape was juggling thoughts on his mind.

'The body of a half-holy demonic

e Giant Ape's voice, Darren was startled for a short second. The moment he realized where he was and what happened to him, he backed up a little in an awkward way. Taken aback, Darren was a little frightened because the Giant Ape was smiling at him, showing all of his dirty-white teeth. Yet, the ape's smile was just too ugly for his liking.

"Sir, I was..." Darren, who had almost regained his strength, stuttered as he stood up from the ground

"Young man, you promised that you would help me, so I planted the One Rule Tower in your heart. I admit that the process was painful, but it will do wonders for your future cultivation," the Giant Ape explained to Darren, seeing that the warrior was waiting for him to explain himself.

'Since when did he become this gentle and nice towards me?' Hearing the Giant Ape's words, Darren couldn't help but wonder. He was much kinder and gentler than before, and that was strange. 'Well, at least he is still as loud as he was before, ' Darren thought. The ape's voice was so loud that it made Darren's ears hurt.

"What's up, young man?" asked the Giant Ape when he noticed that Darren gave a jerk as if being pained. "Can you speak with a lower voice, please? My ears hurt," Darren requested with a painful look on his face.

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