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   Chapter 437 The Request

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When Darren heard that, he became vigilant. He understood that the "it" Aaron had mentioned might be the master of the fiery-red hand.

A feeling of unease filled Darren when he saw that Aaron's black runes dispersed in the distance without any fluctuation.


The next moment, the sound of heavy footsteps came from afar.

Gradually, a giant black figure came into Darren's view. The creature was so big and powerful that the earth shook with each step it took.


Aaron bared his teeth as he pounced on the black figure and began to attack it.

"You, the son of a holy emperor, are too weak. It is a pity, indeed."

The area echoed with the deep voice of the black figure as he roared. The sound was so loud that it almost deafened Darren.


The black figure waved his hand and flung Aaron aside.

After witnessing the force released by the black figure, Darren realized what real might was. Even Aaron was unable to match the creature's strength! What horrifying power he had!

This was shocking to Darren as Aaron was as powerful as the Shadow Emperor, who could rival a seven-star grand warrior.

Taking all that into consideration, it seemed that the black figure was a holy warrior.

"Pasquale?" Darren furrowed his brows as he asked.

"Yes, it's me," Pasquale growled. His loud voice swept over Darren like a landslide. The force was so compelling that Darren got down on one knee.

However, Aaron was reluctant to accept defeat. So, he generated more black runes with which to hit the black figure as he flew toward his opponent.

"You little thing, be quiet,"

the black figure yelled before fixing Aaron on the ground with only one hand. Even though Aaron struggled, he couldn't move.

"Sir, we were tricked into coming here. We didn't mean to disturb you. Please let us go," Darren said respectfully, as he cupped his hands to salute Pasquale.

Faced with such an overmatch, Darren knew that he wouldn't be able to defend against him. Diplomacy was Darren's only option, as it would be fairly easy for Pasquale to kill him.

"It is a miracle that you are still alive," the black figure remarked.

"Sir, as you know, it was Aaron that saved me. Had it not been for his timely assistance, I would have died," Darren explained as he pointed at Aaron.

"No. Aside from the help of the son of a holy emperor, you survived because of your strong soul. Incredibly, you didn't melt in the refining pool," the black figure corrected Darren.

With his head bowed, Darren nodded. He knew that Pasquale's justification made sense. If his soul hadn't been powerful enough, h

bles, and stone chairs. When he glanced around, Darren found that the rest of the cave was empty.

"Do you want to live or die?" the Giant Ape asked directly.

"Of course, I want to live," Darren answered, puzzled. He thought the question was unnecessary.

"Well. Since you want to live, help me save a person," the Giant Ape stated.

"Sir, who do you want to save? I want to help you, but I'm not sure if I am capable. Besides, because of your unmatched power, it would be easier for you to save the person yourself,"

Darren said. He didn't understand why the powerful Giant Ape would ask him to save a person for him.

"Don't bullshit me. If I could do it myself, why would I let you live?" the Giant Ape roared. "As you can see, I have only half of my body. Due to some reasons, I am trapped here. It is very likely that I won't be able to leave for three thousand years."

"I understand. Sir, tell me who you want to save. If I can help, I will," Darren said after he understood the reason why the Giant Ape needed his assistance.

"Good. Come here." The Giant Ape gestured to Darren to come closer to him.

After taking a deep breath, Darren walked toward the Giant Ape.

At this point, the Giant Ape took out a tower. It looked tiny in comparison to his big hand! Then, without any explanation, he stabbed Darren's chest with it.

"Sir!" Darren was shocked. Feeling as though a strong force was restricting him, Darren tried to withstand it.


After emitting a loud sound, the tower in the Giant Ape's hand gradually shrank into an iron nail. In the next instant, it punctured Darren's heart.

"Ah!" Darren, ghastly pale, screamed as agony coursed through him. He sensed that the aura of death was near at hand again.

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