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   Chapter 436 Celebration (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-12-26 09:14

"Ha ha ha!

Let's go to have some wine!" invited Darren.

He took out some century-old vintage wine from his Space Ring and started to drink with others.

While they were eating and drinking in merrymaking, Darren narrated to them what had happened to him outside the Ancient Void Battlefield. Hearing his story, everyone sighed at his experience—so epic and arduous.

"So that boy is really friendly to you?" asked Abelard with an intrigued tone.

"Yes, he is. Without Aaron's help, I would have been dead," replied Darren shortly.

"Who is Aaron exactly, that he can actually let the dead ones come back to life? He is really amazing!" Abelard asked again with his eyes widely opened.

"Truly, I don't know either. As for now, Aaron cannot talk too much. I can ask him after he regains his ability to speak. Let's go on drinking."

In his return, Darren didn't take Aaron with him to enter the Ancient Void Battlefield. The reason was that he wouldn't stay that long inside the Ancient Void Battlefield after everyone had heard the news that he was alive. Because he had not gotten out of the Purgatorial Tripod yet.

"All right. Let us go out together. We have been away from home for so long, and we need time to tell our families some news about us," Timothy suggested. The news that he had died had probably been sent to his clan. Though that was not true, he knew his parents would be devastated.

"I'm afraid we can't. We are still in the Purgatorial Tripod. We have to depend on Aaron on how to get out of the infernal cage. After this celebration, I will go out to look for alternative ways on how we can escape. You guys just stay here and wait," Darren put forward. His voice was filled with

dead dog! Stop running. I will kill you and eat all your flesh!" Looking at the Water Kylin this time, Finley vented all his anger to the innocent beast. There should be someone to blame for all his ill-fates, and Finley eyed the Water Kylin as a perfect target. A maleficent smile crept on his face at the thought of having a reason to torture the beast.

"Well. Ahhh... Good Finley, please forgive me..."

Soon, the voice of the Water Kylin was heard by others. He was begging for Finley's mercy. Soon enough, the Water Kylin was seen tumbling up and down, receiving Finley's slaps and kicks—poor creature.

"Ha Ha Ha!" All of them could not help but give out a good, loud laugh.

Getting out of the Ancient Void Battlefield, Darren saw that Aaron was still waiting for him at the same place. Yet this time, his expression was frigid. He couldn't help but wonder what had gone wrong.

"What is going on, Aaron?" Darren asked, momentarily.

"Brother, be careful. It is still there," Aaron responded with his head bowed low. The moment he lifted his head and opened his eyes, black runes emanated out from his scope and shot far away.

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