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   Chapter 435 Celebration (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-26 01:42

A soft and gentle breeze played along with the leaves and the grasses that sent a lofty smell of renewed spirit and refreshed hopes to the world at large. Everyone's eyes were fixed at the horizon—they were expecting something.

"Hailey, it is him! He's back! He's alive!" Denise exclaimed while shaking Hailey's arm. She was overjoyed, and bliss was evident in the way her eyes shimmered with gladness.

But Hailey, on the other hand, knitted her eyebrows and didn't get as excited as Denise. She did not believe that Darren would come back. Besides, she knew that Denise was fond of making stories and always said something weird.

"A man cannot come back from the dead. Denise, are you making a story of your own again?" Hailey said to Denise scolding and shoving the latter slightly away. Yet, Hailey was curious, and her eyes were also fixed at the sky where Denise was staring.

"You are right. Denise is always making stories for herself." A familiar voice was heard from behind. The voice lingered through Hailey's mind; she searched her thoughts as to who owned such ubiquitous voice. Yet, deep inside her, she clearly knew who the man behind that voice was. She just had to make it sure.

Right at that moment, Hailey's slim body stiffened as if she was electrocuted with millions of sparks running through her veins. Without hesitation, she turned around abruptly, finding a familiar face with a beaming smile.


Glistening tears fell to the ground like raindrops from the heavy clouds. At that instant, everyone kept their silence and just cherished the moment. With the eerie silence, the sound of the tears falling was very audible. Those were tears of joy for Darren's coming back to life again.

"Long time, no see!" Darren didn't know how to greet them since it had been twenty years in the Ancient Void Battl


Hearing Darren's words, Denise laughed sweetly. But Hailey felt a little disappointed in her mind. Seeing that Darren could say that aloud, it was apparent that Darren regarded her merely as one of his friends.

"Aren't you done yet? Stop hugging them now!" Finley said, teasing Darren as he noticed that the warrior was still hugging Denise and Hailey a bit longer by now.

"He's right, Darren. You want to keep hugging them always, don't you?"

"Get away from the beautiful girls and let us hug them too. We also want to celebrate!"

Abelard and Timothy said with joking expressions while they were trying to draw closer to the girls.

"No! Only Darren can hug me!" seeing the two men coming, Denise shouted gently with a little anger. Then flexing her legs….

Boom! Boom!

The two naughty guys, Abelard and Timothy, were both kicked away. Both were sent fluttering in the sky like nest-less birds.

"My god! Denise is actually as powerful as a grand warrior!" Timothy and Abelard cried in great surprise while spreading their arms in midair.

"You deserve it! Hump!" Seeing the two guys kicked away, Denise laughed joyfully. There was always a child-like spirit within her that she could not suppress.

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