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   Chapter 434 Waiting and Returning (Part Two)

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Seeing that Darren hunkered down for practice, Aaron immediately stood guard for him quietly by his side, keeping a vigilant lookout for anyone who might come and disturb Darren.

One month quickly passed by, and Darren came to from his immersion in the cultivation. He had acquired significant experience.

"I am at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm now," Darren mumbled to himself after gauging his current strength. He was not quite satisfied with the progress that he had made. He still felt it to be a little bit slow. He was a perfectionist after all.

It was quite understandable given the fact that he had taken in a lot of ancient spiritual energy that was of higher quality than that of the current spiritual energy from the outside world. However he did not make much progress, not even to the top level of the middle stage of the Wonder Realm, and that frustrated him.

"Brother, what's wrong? You don't look happy," Aaron asked Darren. Aaron looked at Darren curiously as he had no idea why he was frowning. He tried to think of potential reasons but came up with none.

"It's all right. Don't worry about me. Ha-ha!" Darren said lightly. Subsequently, Darren gave Aaron a light smile, and Aaron also smiled with him halfheartedly.

Darren quickly estimated his current strength. Now that he had made it one level higher than his old realm, his Augmented Attack Bloodline was significantly strengthened and his Blade and Sword Domain had also improved exponentially. He estimated that he was able to kill a one-star grand warrior with relative ease now, even should the grand warrior activate his domain skill.

Darren also knew that if the strength of that one-star grand warrior was as strong as Scott, unfortunately he would still

and for taking care of me like Darren did. I am really happy."

Denise ran around in the planted flower shrubs as she had never been this happy in her entire life.

Right then, Hailey had a distant look in her eyes accompanied by a bitter smile. 'Do I really get to meet him when I die?' she thought to herself.

While she was thinking about Darren, her expression was exactly like that of Denise when she first met Darren, full of fortitude and expectation.


All of a sudden, monstrous flashes of lightning tore through the once calm and blue sky, and danced above around the Ancient Void Battlefield.

The entire Ancient Void Battlefield was shaking as if doom was imminent. The atmosphere was charged and electric—very tense.

Finley looked up at the sky, with coldness in his eyes. However, in the next second, the coldness dispersed and was replaced with waves of exuberance.

In a dark corner of the Ancient Void Battlefield, the Water Kylin immediately held up the once drooped head and looked towards the sky with tears welling up in the eyes.

"Could it be......

could it be my master? Has he really returned or am I just dreaming?"

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