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   Chapter 433 Waiting and Returning (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-26 00:12

"Aaron, you just saved my life! I can't believe it! I owe you a great deal!"

Although Darren had indeed been dead early on, his soul was not completely shattered. So when he was brought back from the dead, he still knew about the events that had taken place during his death, which was how Darren knew that it was Aaron who just saved his life. The veil between life and death had become very transparent for him then.

"Brother, glad to have you back with us! Welcome back!" Aaron gave out a hearty laughter, from the pit of his stomach to express his genuine happiness.

"I see why you have been asking me to die. I know now that had you done so, I could be reborn much stronger and much more powerful. Why didn't you explain it to me?" Darren finally understood the reason why Aaron had been on his case all this time. It was for Darren's benefit so he could improve the strength of his body and soul. If only Darren had understood or known back then.

Nonetheless, Darren checked his own body and found its strength was now at a very high level. It was so strong that he believed that he could take on a two-star grand warrior at the top level and survive his blast with nothing but his body. He was quite confident of his body's strength and quite thrilled of the potential challenge.

More importantly, Darren felt that his Spirit Power had never been this powerful before, and this was the sign that his soul had been elevated to a higher level.

"Why didn't you say so earlier? I thought that you meant to harm me! You have really got to be clear in your communications," Darren asked Aaron, with much gratitude in his voice, which was slightly shaky.

"I am not good with words. So I thought that it would be best for me if I just showed you," Aaron answered, with a little bit of awkwardness in


Darren nodded slightly with relief as one month was much shorter than he had anticipated it would be. He could hardly wait.

"The spiritual energy here was quite dense. Maybe I should stay here and improve my cultivation base for a month before I reach out to my friends and let them know that I am still alive."

Darren had just realized that the density of the spiritual energy in this underground world was many times of that in the outside world. So this presented Darren with a perfect opportunity to increase the level of his cultivation base.

With this thought in mind, Darren hunkered down and began to use his talent to absorb the spiritual energy in this world, and he also activated his assimilation skill to assimilate the cardiac core that he had kept in his Space Ring.

A giant spiritual energy vortex began to gather above Darren's head and then shot straight into his body. It was quite a phenomena.

Darren's talent degree was now at the fifth level of the Heaven Degree, plus the fact that he was assimilating spiritual energy at a very quick speed; his actual cultivation efficiency was tantamount to that of the ninth level of the Heaven Degree, something quite impressive.

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