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   Chapter 432 Darren Is Dead (Part Two)

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 5976

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They felt like thunder-struck, painful as if their hearts had been stabbed hard by sharp needles. The Shadow Emperor's hidden message among those words was that Darren was dead already. They must learn to survive and live without him from that moment on.

On the other end, outside the Ancient Void Battlefield, the surging and tumbling magma layer finally subsided, and a blackened body was quietly lying at the bottom of the magma layer.

If only the blackened body could move only about two meters further, it would get out of the magma layer safely. Yet by the look of it, the body might have lost its strength during the last minute and had been entirely covered by the hot magma.

"Roar!" A loud and furious roar could be heard from the place far away.

At that very minute, streams of black runes immediately wrapped the blackened body, engulfing and covering the entity as if the flames were hungered to deluge the being.

Out of nowhere, a little boy with tender and ferocious face showed up abruptly in front of the body, while his dark and deep eyes were staring at the body, and he looked outraged.

After a few moments, the little boy's arm, which was formed by the black runes, was fumbling something in the magma, not minding the heat. It was as if he was just playing with sand. Yet, on his face cast a look that was somewhat anxious and fretful.


Misty fumes of smoke spiraled in the air. Soon enough, a colossal scarlet arm shuttled through the magma at a breakneck speed and appeared in front of the little boy. Apparently, the scarlet arm tried to stop the little boy from finding the thing he was looking for.

It grabbed and dragged him swiftly away from the bubbling magma. In a flash, the little boy was being pulled away from the blackened bod

nt, the transparent soul stepped towards the blackened body and finally dived in it.

Time passed quickly, and as swift as the early morning dew faded as the sun shone up the sky, hours turned into days, days into weeks, and weeks into months. One month had gone by.

The giant black palm, at that moment, managed to defeat the scarlet palm, and the destructive battle that lasted for a month finally began to subside.

The battle had not impacted the place at the bottom of the magma layer where Aaron was staying. It had been protected by the black runes all the time. Meanwhile, a seed of life was sprouting there and would wake up at any moment.


someone yawned and stretched as if he just woke up from his sleep. Magically, Aaron had succeeded in rescuing the blackened body, which turned out to be Darren and gave him a second life.

"Hum? Where am I now?" While stretching himself out, Darren looked around blankly and didn't know what was going on or where he was in the first place.

After a while, there was a throbbing pain in his head. Memories flashed back in his mind, and as the many visions surged, he remembered everything that had happened before.

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