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   Chapter 431 Darren Is Dead (Part One)

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In a split second, before Timothy, Abelard, Hailey, and the Water Kylin had enough time to react or protest, they were already spurred into the Ancient Void Battlefield. Darren had taken them all into the safe haven just in the nick of time, a few inches away from the hot magma.

"We are safe now. Thanks to Darren for bringing us here. But what about him now?"

"Yeah, if he is drowned in that hot magma, we are afraid that..."

Timothy and Abelard stopped their words abruptly and looked very anxious. Hailey next to them was distraught too. Her mind was preoccupied with the thought whether Darren had survived or not. Yet, all of them knew they couldn't do anything for Darren at that moment apart from praying silently for his safety.

Even the Water Kylin, Darren's beast slave, had a strange feeling in his heart, a feeling that he never experienced before. For his entire existence as a beast, nobody ever treated him like the way Darren did.

Scenes of the past flashed his mind. When Landon, the double-headed man, was injured by him, and the law enforcer was about to kill the Water Kylin as well, Darren risked his life and persuaded the law enforcer to spare him. Also, when he was about to be killed by the winged-tiger, Darren opened the Ancient Void Battlefield by force despite the huge risk and saved him from the winged-tiger. Now, for the third time, the same thing happened once again—Darren saved him at the most critical moment.

Aside from all the rescuing and saving that Darren had done for the Water Kylin, what moved him most as a slave was Darren's behavior towards him. Especially when Diana, the Holy Lord of the Lotus Holy Land, came to the Ancient Void Battlefield, Darren introduced the Water Kylin to Diana as his buddy—not his beast slave! Although the Water Kylin was always careless and disinterested, he actually kept all those things in mind and was very grateful to Darren. Now that Darren's life was in danger, the worry that the Wat

tears anymore.

"Don't hide like a little boy. I know what you are doing. If I didn't learn how to remove the bond between you two from the defender of the tenth space of the Ancient Void Battlefield, I am sure that you will be dead too," Finley said in a sad tone, casting a saddened glance at the Water Kylin crying on the ground.

Hearing that, the Water Kylin raised his head, looked at Finley with tears blurring his eyes, and said hesitantly, "You mean that master... is already...?" He didn't dare to say the last word. It hurt him so much to accept such an ill fate for Darren—his master, his friend, his brother, all in one.

Finley nodded silently, and he was held speechless. Yet, deep inside, he was devastated at the loss of such a good friend. With that, the aura he was exuding became stronger and colder, which was the aura of a Shadow Emperor. That was his outlet of showing his anger, the anger that he could no longer contain inside him.

"Thirty years later, this little world without its master will collapse, and you all should make preparation for that," the Shadow Emperor said coldly. After saying those words, he turned and flew away. That left the wailing Water Kylin, Hailey, Abelard, and Timothy in deafening silence. This time the sorrow and misery seemed to press harder upon them.

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