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   Chapter 430 Blast Their Way Through The Magma

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Darren's and the Water Kylin's skin had burned completely. Without wasting time, they crossed their legs and sat in mid-air. Eyes closed in meditation, they began to heal themselves.

Over the following three days, Hailey used her strength as a rule cultivator to help heal Darren and the Water Kylin. It was the only way to remove the heat toxins inside their bodies.

"It seems that we must use the previous method," Darren said as soon as he woke from the state of restoring his energy.

"Yes. With the Water Kylin's aid, it is possible for us to reach a depth of seven or eight kilometers."

There wasn't any other solution except to blast their way through the magma layer.

"Miss Yao, the magma layer varies in thickness in different areas. Can you find the thinnest place?" Timothy asked.

"Over the past few days, I've checked the magma sea. There is a spot about ten kilometers from here to the east, where the thickness of the magma layer is about seven kilometers." Hailey knew that the other methods wouldn't work, and so, she had begun to check while Darren and the Water Kylin were still healing.

"Great! Let's go." Darren nodded, and then they flew eastward while Darren protected the others with his flame intent. They were grateful for Darren's flame intent because it safeguarded them as long as it was not damaged by the magma.

After they arrived at the spot identified by Hailey, Darren and his friends prepared themselves.

"We must hit the magma continuously and as quickly as possible so that the magma can't gather immediately. Then, we will have a chance to fly through."

"Yes. We need to attack the same spot accurately, one by one."

"Well, let's try it now," Darren said.

Then, Darren mobilized his strongest skills to bombard the sea of magma below.


A hole about a hundred meters in diameter opened in the magma sea. The gap, being wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, formed a funnel shape. But the depth of the hole was less than expected. Darren estimated that it was only about six-hundred meters deep.

Abelard followed immediately after Darren had finished. But he didn't summon his strongest ax skill during the experiment.

Then, Timothy and Hailey attacked the magma in the hole as quickly as possible to prevent it from closing.

"Humph, it's my

nse the movement of the magma.

"Great. Come with me!" the Water Kylin said as he prepared to dash into the hole first.

"No!" Hailey screamed to stop the Water Kylin. "The force of the soul refining at the bottom of the magma is very strong. You will melt in a split second if you go now."

The Water Kylin stopped in his tracks. Instead of flying forward, he continued to bombard the magma with Darren.

"It's too late!"

The magma was crashing down on them like monstrous billowing waves, dropping melted rock and metals onto their bodies.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Now that they had made contact with the magma, Darren's flame intent could no longer protect them. Abelard and Timothy cried out with pain. Meanwhile, Hailey had to use her abilities as a rule cultivator to support.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! It hurts..." the Water Kylin screamed as the magma splashed on him.

Darren grew flustered. Only about a hundred meters of the magma layer was left. However, the magma at the bottom was so terrible that Darren couldn't hold on for a few more seconds.

"Shit! Are we going to die?"

Hopelessness coursed through everyone when they realized they were so close to death.

"Open the Ancient Void Battlefield!"

Darren roared. In a flash, an enormous force yanked everybody, except for Darren himself, directly into the Ancient Void Battlefield.

After feeling a wave of dizziness, the three people and the Water Kylin entered the Ancient Void Battlefield. They began to worry about Darren who was still outside, being enveloped by the magma.

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