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   Chapter 429 No Path

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Everyone turned to Darren.

"How thick is the magma layer?" Darren threw a questioning look at Hailey.

"This magma has been derived from the soul refining skill, and it has evolved over a long period. Therefore, the magma layer is quite thick. I estimate it to be about eight kilometers deep," Hailey answered.

"My flame intent could protect us for the first kilometer or so. Once we reach that depth, we could combine our powers to bombard a vacuum tunnel to reduce the distance. It is possible for us to get through the magma layer," Darren analyzed.

As the suggestion made sense, the others agreed that this was the only way available for them now.

"But we are not at our full strength. So it would be impossible for us to produce a seven-kilometer deep hole.

Even if we can make that deep a tunnel, the magma would cover the gap quickly and there would be no time for us to leave."

Timothy thought about Darren's suggestion for a while before pointing out the flaws.

"That is true." Hailey nodded in agreement.

"Let me try something first." Abelard observed the magma for a while. Then, he took out his ax.

"Killing ax! Cut the magma now!"

Abelard adjusted the angle to yield his maximum power as he brandished the ax fiercely.

Then, an ax shadow flew through the magma ocean.


The magma exploded around the shadow of the ax. Hundreds of meters of rock waves erupted above the sea's surface.

Unfortunately, the attack was not powerful enough. Darren and the others were dissatisfied with the outcome as the hole made by the ax was only about two to three hundred meters deep.

"Hoo." Abelard let out a relieved breath, but soon, he frowned at the sight. He said, "The magma is of high viscosity. I may only achieve a one-kilometer deep hole if I summon the soul of the ax."

"I will probably get the same result if I use the Ancestor Sword Soul," Timothy said as he calculated in his mind.

The two friends, Timothy and Abelard, were not weak. On the contrary, if they used their top-secret skills, they could kill a powerful two-star grand warrior. However, at this moment, they could only create a one-kilometer deep hole. Hopelessness coursed through Timothy and Abelard at the thought of how far they were from the underground world.

And then, Darren and Hailey tried.

Hailey only made a two-kilometer deep hole after employing all of her skills. Darren, meanwhile, didn't even reach one-kilometer.

Darren calculated the power of their attacks and found that if everyone combined their skills, they would only make a five-kilometer deep

the others couldn't hold back their astonishment anymore. When they heard that the Water Kylin had only reached 500 meters, they felt that the depth was unrealistic. They hadn't thought that the legendary beast would lie to them. They had never expected that result, and now, they wondered whether he even reached 300 meters!

"There must be something in the magma," Hailey said solemnly.

"Darren, why don't you try the flame intent? I think we underestimated the magma before," Hailey added.

"That's right. Don't laugh at me, master. Try it yourself, and you'll know that I'm not lying. But be careful. If you die, I will die, too," the Water Kylin said as he stepped aside.

"Just shut up!" Darren muttered to Water Kylin before nodding at the others. Then he rushed into the magma.


A dull ringing sound filled Darren's ears as the scorching magma encased him.

In a flash, Darren activated the flame intent to resist the heat. As nothing adverse happened, Darren focused on diving deeper.

But then Darren panicked when he sensed strange runes engulfing his flame intent. He could not resist the magma anymore.


Darren summoned all of his powers to fly out of the magma.

Once he left the magma layer, he cried out in pain, as well. His skin had been burned so severely that it looked like charcoal.

"Oww, that was so intense!" Darren stared at the magma sea in shock. "I could only dive fifty meters or so. If I hadn't escaped quickly, I would have gotten scorched."

Although the others were thankful that Darren got out safely, they were disappointed with the result, as well.

Since Darren couldn't get through the magma layer alone, they knew that their escape plan was worthless.

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