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   Chapter 427 Aaron Is Out (Part Two)

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"Here he comes." As the red light grew brighter and they fell closer and closer towards it, Hailey blubbered with a trembling voice.

Hearing her erratic voice, Darren and the rest of the group turned their faces back at Hailey and saw a black ray of light quickly fly over before halting at less than a thousand feet from them. They couldn't believe their eyes. All of them were confused as to what the black ray of light was.

To their amazement, it was the little boy. He stood there with his completely dark eyes fixed on them. There was something odd about how he stared at them with his black eyes. The dark aura that he had was also eerie as if it was one of the most mysterious places in the world. The way he flexed his shoulders and clenched his fists made the group realized that he was ready to swallow them up at any time. The fright made their hairs stand on ends.

"How are you doing, brother?"

The little boy grinned mischievously, just like the Cheshire cat, which gave them a creepy feeling. Worst was, his voice sounded like a ghastly ghoul, creepy yet annihilating.

Like a block of ice broke from being frozen, Darren suddenly transpired in a cold sweat and said gingerly, "I saved you before, don't you remember? Could you please spare us for now? Leave us alone and let us live."

"Yes, you saved me, brother. That is the reason why I always wanted to repay you," the boy replied calmly.

"Mr. Little Boy, how about you stay away from Darren? That would be enough to repay him," suggested Abelard with a hesitant and quivering voice. He was trying very hard to ensconce the trembling of his knees, yet his voice betrayed him.


Hearing the words "Mr. Little Boy," Darren and Timothy could not help but give a little giggle amidst the heavily tensed atmosphere. It seemed that Abelard was somewhat frightened, too, so he had no idea about the words that came out of his mouth.

As the little boy heard A

r Darren, the moment he sensed that the three people beside him could no longer stand the heat, he tried to mobilize the flame intent to surround them. He did that with the hope that it would somehow relieve and help them resist the unbearably hot furnace.

"Hmm, I feel much better now. What is going on?" questioned Timothy, feeling a little relieved and cooled by now.

"Oh, I see! It is the flame intent in your body. That is protecting us. Am I right, Darren?" asked Abelard.

Right at the same time, Timothy and Abelard looked at Darren in surprise. The fact that Darren was able to acquire and cultivate the flame intent right now shocked them.

"Thank you!" wiping the sweat off her forehead, Hailey said, nodding at Darren. She was grateful to the warrior for helping them bear with the scalding heat.

"That is good news for me if the flame intent works," with a sad smile on his face, Darren responded softly. Then, with a forlorn look, he cast his eyes to the distance.

While everyone was silent, as they were thinking of ways on how to escape the fervid torture, the little boy fell to the dancing flames. His descent was so fast that they noticed that he was not paying any attention to Darren any more. Yet, his dark, maleficent eyes were fixed in a particular direction.

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