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   Chapter 426 Aaron Is Out (Part One)

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Odd, creepy, and unusual, these were the sensation that Darren felt in the Ancient Void Battlefield. A tinge of suspicious intuition was telling him the cold, scary feeling was from the strange little boy.

"How is that little boy, Finley?" questioned Darren with his brows raised. He sent a message to Finley with his spiritual sense.

"He looked rather irritable these past few days. It was as if he had sensed something from the outside, and that was bothering him day and night," Finley replied gravely. He, too, sensed the little boy's strange behavior but didn't delve in much more thoroughly.

At that point of Darren and Finley's conversation, the boy climbed out of the cave where he stayed. Turning his head sideways, he cast his eerie, spooky gaze into the sky as if to penetrate through the boundaries of the Ancient Void Battlefield.


The boy's deep, icy voice echoed across the Ancient Void Battlefield. At the same time, plenty of black runes lit up all over his body, cracking the ground with their violent force. Tremendous energy radiated out from the boy's body and dispersed throughout the entire Ancient Void Battlefield.

Darren could sense the quake and the potent energy from the Ancient Void Battlefield. If the boy continued doing the destruction, the whole Ancient Void Battlefield would be shattered completely.

By this time, Darren's cultivation base level was not that high, and his force of control was not that strong yet. Thus, it followed that the stability of the Ancient Void Battlefield was not that transcendent and could be compromised any time soon.

"Do you need me to stop him?" Finley said in an indifferent voice, sounding already a little similar to the Shadow Emperor. A trace of worry was evident in his voice.

"No, I don't think there is a need for that," Darren replied after thinking for a short while, as he knew that even if it was the Shadow Emperor who fought against the boy, he was not sure if the Shadow Emperor could suppress the little boy's power right now.

s, they just watched the boy do whatever he fancied doing and did nothing about it.

Inside the Purgatorial Tripod, there were a high number of resentful revenants. Even though the boy was mighty, he wasn't able to kill all the revenants after a long while.

However, on one end, Darren hoped that the resentful revenants here were endless. He feared that the moment the little boy killed all the revenants, it would be their turn to be killed. He didn't want that to happen as much as possible. Yet, all they could do right now was hope that the revenants would never run out.

"Um? Look! Over there, there is a faint light!"

After a long time, the corners of Darren's eyes caught a glimpse of a red glow below. Although it was quite far away, the queer light was evident in the darkness.

"Great, I hope that light would end our troubles," Abelard shouted joyfully.

"It is still not certain whether that light will do us good or not. Who knows where that will lead us?" said Timothy in contrast to Abelard's rejoicing.

Following Darren's orders, they continued falling for a while with the red light as their guide. As they gradually neared, the red light progressively brightened up. Darren and the rest of the group also felt the sudden rise in temperature. The warmth crept through their bones, easing the grave coldness they felt earlier.

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