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   Chapter 425 The Fall

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It felt as though time had stopped in this space. In his current state, Darren could only feel strands of warmth next to him while the rest was ice cold.

"Hey, are you okay?"

From somewhere in the darkness, a hand reached forward and grabbed Darren's arm.

Darren shivered when he felt how cold the hand was. Without looking, he knew that the hand belonged to the beautiful girl with a pale face. As for his two companions, Timothy and Abelard, they had fainted earlier. They had been unconscious ever since.

"I am fine," Darren answered softly. He felt quite frail at the moment.

"I never thought that we would die together so soon." Hailey's voice was filled with bitterness and frustration.

Darren's heart twitched when he heard Hailey. After a brief pause, he said, "Every time we meet, you speak of fate and inevitability. Why is that? And what do you mean by saying that we would die together so soon? You sounded like we would die together sooner or later."

"Are you sure that you want to know?"

"Yes, I want to know. Please do enlighten me."

There was nothing but dead silence as Darren's voice faded. Hailey's and Darren's breaths were the only audible sounds.

"It is so cold," Hailey said after a while.

"Tell me why. I need to know." Darren pushed with the hope that Hailey would give him a straight answer.

"Have you seen the well?" Hailey did not answer his question. On the contrary, she asked Darren a question.

"Well? What well?"

"The well where you can see the future. Elsa must have seen it." Hailey's voice was getting weaker and shakier because of the low temperature.

"Elsa has seen it? Hold on a second! What are you talking about?" Darren grew even more curious when Hailey mentioned Elsa.

"I don't know what she saw. I only saw yours and my future. I even saw what would happen to the people in this world. I cannot share how it ends because everything will change if I tell you."

"Suit yourself." Darren's response was curt. After a brief hesitation, he continued, "We are dying now. Do you think that talking about fate will change anything? If not, then what is the point?"

His rationale helped persuade Hailey.

It suddenly struck her that Darren might actually be right. Her master had once said that the end could only be seen under the perfect circumstances. If anything happened before, then the end would be reset, and everything else would become meaningless.

"I can only tell you one thing. Demons from outer space will return and the world as we know it will be on the verge of destruction," Hailey said after a few moments of contemplation.

Darren's heart twitched again at this new piece of information. He recalled the mural that he had seen at the forbidden area, which depicted an epic story about atonement, where numerous heroes stood up and fought for the protection of ordinary people.

And what made everything worse was the fact that the demons had not been eliminated yet. They had simply been sealed

ard woke, one by one. They moaned as they were still quite disorientated. Hailey, who had only been dizzy, was now alert.

"Holy shit!"

Abelard noticed the revenants and jumped out of fear.

"Do not move! Stay close to me so that I can protect you!" Abelard nearly broke away from Darren's protective circle with the sudden movement. If it hadn't been for Darren quickly grabbing him, Abelard would have left the protection circle of the runes on Darren. Then, the revenants would have consumed him within seconds.

"Darren, are we in that big tripod?" Timothy, who was a little bit calmer than Abelard, asked in a flat tone.

"Yes, we are. I still do not know how this will end, but if we stick together, they will not be able to harm us. The protection of the runes should buy us some time to figure out a way to escape!"

"The runes on your armor look unique. I have never felt such a powerful and special rune before. Not once." Hailey had been the first to sense the presence of the revenants. She had been certain that the revenants would kill them all. To her surprise, they were still alive. Given her deep understanding of rule cultivation, Hailey was also the first to notice that it was the runic power of the black armor on Darren that had repulsed the revenants.

She was pleasantly surprised, and, at the same time, harbored an instinctive fear of the black armor as only she could fully appreciate its true strength.

The four friends were still falling through the darkness as if there were no bottom to the tripod. They gathered around Darren and tried not to move for fear of being pulled out of the safe zone. However, at this moment, Darren suddenly felt anxiety course through him. At first, he could not pinpoint the reason, but he knew that something was off.

A few moments later, he realized that the turmoil he felt was coming from the Ancient Void Battlefield.

"This does not feel good. Could it be from that weird kid?" Darren's heart sank at the thought.

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