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   Chapter 424 Thrown Into The Purgatorial Tripod (Part Two)

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As he sensed their malignant stares, however, Cain exposed his sharp teeth in a threatening way, eyes angry red.

"You both have to die! No matter how powerful you are, you still can't save them! Hahaha! You can only watch them die!" By that time, Cain was so angry that he even laughed out crazily. If only he were stalwart by that time, he could have blown out the two warrior's heads.


The older man slapped Cain in the face without a word. The slap was so powerful that it sent him flying in the air like a crumpled paper tossed in a trash bin.

Yet it was not the end of Cain's misery. As he was midair, the other martial artist quickly flew out and kicked him back.

Hollering in pain, Cain didn't even stand a chance facing the two influential martial artists. He wanted desperately to fight back, but the two warriors were so mighty that he just let them beat him all they wanted.

If Darren were here, he would be utterly surprised because the lie he had made up to trick Cain indeed came true. Both of the martial artists that were kicking and slapping Cain back and forth were six-star grand warriors!

"Hahaha!" Lunatic as he was, Cain laughed out loud though he was vomiting blood. The look on his face was frightening. "Kill me! Both of you kill me if you have the guts! Ha! You won't dare kill me, would you?"

In his mind, Cain knew very well that there was a rule in the Bottom Spiritual World. Anyone that was over three-star could never kill in the Bottom Spiritual World, human or not. That was the only reason why he still provoked them amidst the beatings that he received from the two warriors. He was confident that they would not dare to kill him.

But why was Cain, a five-star grand demonic monster, able to be in the Bottom Spiritual World?

Maybe it was because he was born at the Bottom Spiritual World a long time ago. As long as he didn't go

erful older man let him get away? He was just too overpowering, and Cain's power and skills were by far so inferior compared to him. Right when Cain got himself above the Purgatorial Tripod, the older man's hand touched his head and smashed it in the blink of an eye.

His immense lifeless body fell limply in the Purgatorial Tripod, disappearing in the darkness.

Cain was killed right there and then. Silence enveloped the entire place, and the two warriors faced each other with glum satisfaction in their faces.

Moments later, the law enforcer invited by the Shaoyan Clan quickly left, while the older man was still by the Purgatorial Tripod. His eyes were filled with pain and regret. He really wanted to see his disciple out of the big tripod, safe and unharmed. But he knew that this was impossible.

Meanwhile, in the Purgatorial Tripod, Darren felt terribly uneasy as there seemed to be countless pairs of eyes staring at him in the cold darkness. The chill that crept through his bones combined with the pungent smell of dead bodies and blood haunted him, making him feel vulnerable. He was very helpless, and his eyes searched through the darkness as he didn't know what to do. That was the first time in his life that Darren felt discouraged.

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