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   Chapter 423 Thrown Into The Purgatorial Tripod (Part One)

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The moment they saw that Cain was trembling in fury with his brows creased in a tight furrow, an intense sense of intimidation crept upon each one of them, resulting from the frightening aura. The outrage of Cain's vexation heightened, especially now that he was furious. Darren and the rest of the warriors were all pale in the face. It was as if they were about to be crushed to pieces under such horrifying aura.

Cain's show of power right now was the showcase of the real strength of a five-star grand demonic monster. Even Finley was severely injured when he faced a five-star grand warrior before. Right now, faced with the same situation, how could they resist an attack from Cain?

Cain transformed back into his true form—a huge Invisible Panther. He roared out loud in the sky, making the air around him shake violently and sent horrors of fear and chills of coercion to the four of them.


With this frightening and reverberating growl, the Purgatorial Tripod in his hand floated in the air and started to spin non-stop.

With the spinning of the tripod, a gloomy and dark aura with a putrid smell immediately dispersed throughout the place.

As the Purgatorial Tripod kept on spinning, the countless dead bodies on the ground and their blood started to fly towards the tripod. It was as if the tripod was siphoning and gathering them all, sucking all that was left of the blood and severed body parts. The process painted the sky red and masked the air with a pungent smell of blood and pure evil.

"The moment I successfully refine this purgatorial divine body, I will kill all of you, humans!"

By that time, Cain finally revealed his true colors and showed them what he really wanted to do. All this time, he was planning to use the Purgatorial Tripod to refine the bodies and the blood. When all of these would be done according to his pleasure, he would have a divine body and would carry out his plan, which was to kill whomever he wanted.

"Get in there!"

With a bellowing c

s withered and pulverized.

Pain flashed through the older man's eyes, but he quickly tamed and managed to hide it. Gathering up his strength, he focused his attention on his arm, and only after a short minute, his arm grew out again. Though he had regained his arm, he couldn't hide his disappointment at all.

"Let me have a try," the other influential martial artist said. He volunteered himself, sensing that the older man needed some time to regain his strength. Meanwhile, he used a pale gold force to form a big net, aiming at the Purgatorial Tripod.

Yet, by now, the tripod had absorbed so many dead bodies and much blood. It was as if it had formed a mind of its own. The Purgatorial Tripod wouldn't let anything near it. The pale gold net quickly broke and disappeared into thin air after it was thrown out.

"It seems that I can't fulfill the Shaoyan Clan's task anymore," the man mumbled to himself, a stern look on his face. He couldn't believe that his plan didn't work for the Purgatorial Tripod. That was what he could think as the best approach, yet it failed. Such an embarrassment for him.

The two compelling martial artists were both dismayed as they weren't able to save the ones they wanted to keep. Thus, with that thought in mind, they turned their angry eyes at Cain, who had been silently fumbling aside.

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