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   Chapter 422 The Purgatorial Tripod

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The group of human warriors suddenly fell ill at ease as they suddenly felt Cain's existence disappear. All of them were incredibly on edge.

"Ha-ha, what a bunch of total pathetic nonentities! You cannot even defeat my avatar, how can you dream about triumphing over me in the flesh?" Cain snickered, boasting at the human warriors.

The real body of Cain flew and landed in front of the group of grand warriors.

"Your... avatar?" one of the warriors asked, his whole body trembling in fear. Several agitated murmurs grew among the other grand warriors as they started to panic.


Out of blue, the twenty grand warriors spewed out blood all over the place. It seemed like they had been attacked by a force too quick that it could not be seen by the naked eye.

"But no matter, I will grant you all the honor to be killed by me." Cain let out a sigh. He was the one responsible for the attack on the grand warriors. A dozen shadows of an Invisible Panther then gradually emerged and rushed back into Cain's body.

Cain strolled leisurely in the air, looking perfectly carefree as he approached the injured grand warriors. With a wave of his hand, the fruit of the warriors' painstaking work—the Sky Piercing Array—shattered and vanished into thin air while the pitiful warriors were struck back by a great force.

"Oh no, you're the real Cain!"

"You son of a bitch!"

The warriors wanted to escape but were unable to find any way out. They were sealed inside an invisible wall like insects trapped inside a glass jar.

"Oh, so now you understand." Cain gave them a sinister smile. "But it's too late to escape."

His demon-like pupils turned fiery red like the beams of a setting sun.

He reached out in front of him and grabbed a three-star grand warrior by the waist. The man started to panic, eyes widening in fear, unable to move.

"I have been told that the heart of freshly killed human is a real delicacy. How about I eat yours so I can taste it for myself?" Cain plainly said, poking his finger through the poor grand warrior's chest.

"You must stop this, Cain!" a lady's voice called out from afar.

Her tone had an air of coldness and dignity

"Who is speaking? Show yourself!" demanded Cain.

He swiftly turned around and saw a woman whose beauty was comparable to that of Helen of Troy's—it was none other than Hailey.

Three more figures soon arrived at the scene—they were Darren and the other two.

"Well, well, look who's here. It looks like someone had broken my spell. So now what? Four more fresh hearts for my dinner? Wow, I'd like that." Cain peaked out his pointy tongue to lick at his lips.

He immediately threw away the three-star grand warrior that he was holding, who now seemed unappetizing compared to the newcomers.

"We can talk if you let them go," Hailey unflinchingly said, as stern as always.

"Ha-ha, hilarious!"

Cain burst out laughing.


that someone must be Hailey—the only person at the scene who was capable of destroying the tripod.

Timothy and Abelard chose to stick around for a good reason. They had already sent a message to ask for help. If they fled before the rescue was able to come, the group of powerful warriors would never lay a finger on Cain. There were rules in the Bottom Spiritual World—a grand warrior above three-star attacking anyone for no good reason, even if the victim was a demonic monster, was a punishable act. Their masters wouldn't take a risk of punishment just to save Darren or Hailey. Therefore, Timothy and Abelard chose to stay to make sure that Cain got what he deserved.

It was the only way they could think of to help everyone, including Hailey and Darren.

"Just go!" Hailey firmly shouted. She then immediately blew the three men away from her. It was only Hailey, Cain, and the tripod left now.

"Thank you, woman. Thank you for being so considerate and noble. How else would I have had my Purgatorial Tripod back?" Cain howled with laughter, voice looming behind Hailey. "What?" Hailey's face furrowed into a scowl.

She whipped around and there it was, the tripod on Cain's palm.

"Watch out!" Darren shouted from afar. Hailey looked at her empty palm, her face turned as white as a sheet.

While the four of them were still in shock, a ghostly green shadow appeared next to Cain—it was his avatar. The beast took away the tripod when Hailey was distracted by the argument between Darren and the other two.

If she had not blown Darren and the other two away, she would have possibly detected the approaching avatar. Hailey suddenly regretted doing so, but there was nothing left to be done about it.

Losing the tripod, now they were back to square one.

"Oh, you pitiful, weak nonentities. Let me do you a favor and end your pathetic life!" Cain roared. Fiery red veins crawled on his once good looking face, shattering it.

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