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   Chapter 421 Sending A Message

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"Wait!" Darren used all of his strength to call out. Then he added, "Mr. Cain, there is no use in you killing him. Besides, you will attract trouble if you do so!"

"Oh?" As Cain was intrigued by Darren's words, he stopped his attack on Abelard halfway.

Meanwhile, fright made Abelard's heart beat faster in his chest. He could swear that he smelled death just now. He also saw his life flashing in front of his eyes in that second. He had been so close to the end of his life. He had wanted to anger Cain to force him to leave them and join the fight in the sky. But he hadn't expected that Cain would want to kill him on sight. Abelard couldn't help but feel frightened for his life.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Tell me. What trouble am I getting myself into?" Cain asked as he glared at Darren.

"If I sensed correctly, you won't have the strength to surpass a five-star grand warrior even after using all these dead bodies to cultivate. If you kill Abelard, six-star grand warriors will come for you. Even if you find a way to hide from them, you will still be doomed. Why don't you save yourself the predicament by letting us live?" Darren tried to stall for time by making up an excuse.

"Tut, tut! Six-star grand warriors. That's quite worrying. Even if six-star grand warriors come to avenge the death of this filthy little bastard, how will they know that I murdered him? They won't find out because dead men don't speak, for God's sake! Do you really think that you can trick me into believing you? Were you so confident that I wouldn't notice the imprint planted on him? You are also a filthy human, full of lies. I am sick of you humans."

Darren's expression hardened when he heard Cain. He then said calmly, "Well, if you don't believe me, Mr. Cain, you can kill us all. I will presume that you are not afraid of six-star grand warriors because of your strong power."

"Ha-ha! You want me to kill you? No, I won't! But, remember that I didn't kill you three only because you called me Mr. Cain, not because of your lies. I will let you live for now. After I successfully practice my special skill, I will find you and kill you!"

Grand demonic monster Cain was at least a five-star grand demonic monster. It was easy for him to kill the human martial artists levitating in the sky as they were only three-star grand warriors. And yet, he didn't fight them in person. Instead, he tricked them into using their strongest skill by sending his avatar. Darren could tell that he was a very cautious and prudent demonic monster. And that was the only reason why Darren'

hting with Cain's avatar.

As the fight between the three-star grand warriors and a five-star grand demonic monster increased in intensity, the ground started to shake.

"Devastation Skill!"

The twenty grand warriors used their strongest skill in unison.

More than a hundred thousand shadows of palm, sword, blade, and fist were aimed at Cain's avatar. What a powerful strike!

The blow was so strong that it tore open a few cracks in the thin air, exposing frightening darkness.


Cain's avatar bellowed as he transformed into a huge dark green monster after sensing the power that the grand warriors had unleashed.

"He is an Invisible Panther!"

Darren's heart skipped a beat when he saw the dark green figure. Although Cain restricted Timothy, Abelard, and Darren, they could observe the fight from this distance.

'No wonder he can use the skills of a rule cultivator. He even cut off my connection with the Ancient Void Battlefield.'

After witnessing how the Water Kylin had been stranded by the Invisible Panthers the last time, Darren was aware that they were not only good at hiding, but they were also masters of restriction skills. It wouldn't surprise Darren if Cain could use even more powerful skills, for he was truly a strong demonic monster.

"Oh, they are fucked," Darren couldn't help but mumble when he learned of Cain's true identity. He was worried for the martial artists because he was aware that they could never win against an Invisible Panther.

And just as Darren expected, when the grand warriors launched their strongest skill at Cain's avatar, the avatar disappeared into thin air. No trace or smell of him could be detected. It was as if he had never existed.

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